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  1. Uninstalled and wiped all traces of Earth and Beyond from the computer, restarted, installed game from website, restarted, installed Net 7, restarted. Launcher did 2 updates and is still not launching correctly. This is crazy
  2. This is a weird one. Played 3 days ago with no problems. Fired up the game today and the launcher shows up in the taskbar but I can't run it. It shows the window but it won't maximize. I have Windows 10 and this started before the newest update so that's not it. Tried running in Windows 7 compatibility and still the same problem. Reinstalled Net 7 over the existing one only to get a proxy error so I uninstalled Net 7 completely, restarted the computer and installed it again. Restarted after new installation and got the launcher running...until the 2nd update and now it's doing it again. Tried Windows 7 compatibility and still the same problem. Please note that I currently cannot access the launcher so I can't manipulate anything there. I tried searching the forums but couldn't find this problem. Does anyone have any advice? ETA: I don't have my game disc here so I can't re-install the game until I get back home in 2 weeks. Hopefully I can get this fixed without it.
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