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  1. Progen74

    Items differentiation discussion and changes

    At first I was like: "THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! I WANT MY OLD ICONS BACK!!1!1!"   But then I played for a little bit and was like, "THIS IS SO AWESOME, NEVER MIND!!!!"   Thank you for the Items Differentiation Project!
  2. Progen74

    Need some good Beams

    I can make you a Made to Live as discussed above. Once we know your character's class, we can give better recommendations.
  3. Progen74

    Need some good Beams

  4. I agree and think that within reason all level 7 skills should be a group cast. After spending that many skill points and specializing in a skill, let the level 7 be a group cast. My two cents.
  5. Progen74

    Guild Raid Rotation Change Suggestion

    Some devil's advocate questions:   What if a Big 3 guild has no desire to do the RD Base?   What if a non-Big 3 guild only wants to get in rotation for say the Controller raid?   Does the current server update/reboot on Tuesdays reset the timers for all of the raids because if I recall correctly, the reason for the last agreement dissolving was that raids had to be held in a certain timeframe, is this proposal not the same, just with a longer timeframe?   With this proposal, someone could do raid-trigger shenanigans such that it could reduce the amount of raids that spawn for a guild within their timeframe. With the next -> next -> next arrangement, anyone pulling raid trigger shenanigans would only be increasing the time before their guild would get the raid next in the rotation.
  6. Less chillin, more killin!
  7. Progen74

    Item Quality Enchancement - Credit Sink

    Ok, crazy idea of the day. What about making mission reward items, such as the NOS, not take quality loss? Let them take structure loss, requiring equipment repair, but make them immune to taking quality loss.
  8. Progen74

    Item Quality Enchancement - Credit Sink

    I would like to see something along these lines, but limited to something like you can increase the quality of a single item once a month (quarter?) by 5%. Make it expensive, in time, credits and resources required. Non-maunfacturable limited to a max of q125 and manufacturable limited to q200. I guess my contribution is to say make it limited to only a single 5% increase per month on a single item.   Ok, new thought. Also, limit the ability to increase an item quality to only those items that are non-tradable. Yes, this would eliminate repairing most manufacturable items, but tough, that is what the market is for! :)
  9. Progen74

    War declared on Miners, New solution needed!

    Well, in live I did a lot of mining and most fields had some kind of guardian, but most of the times the guardian only spawned like once an hour or so. So when you got to the field, kill the guardian, commence mining, pay attention for the guardian and then kill it once it spawns again in a while (1/2 hour to an hour later).   Most fields would have ONE guardian that would stay dead for a while. Basically, if you were level balanced for the field, you could kill the guardian, mine the field and much fun was had by all.
  10. Progen74

    Nightly Backup

    If moving the server would resolve this issue, I would be more than happy to chip-in for a "Move the Server Fundraiser" to cover the expenses that would be incurred by doing this.
  11. Progen74

    Nightly Backup

    Is there anything I can do as a player to get around this issue? I can be playing for hours on end with zero issues and as soon as the Megan Hour hits all kinds of issues occur.
  12. Progen74

    Cherry Picking Of Hulks

    What about making a Bogeril NPC who will give Bogeril faction for stacks of debris? One stack equals 20-40 Bogeril faction. These are guesstimate numbers obviously, but if the numbers are tweaked, debris could become a desirable commodity for all levels of miners.
  13. Progen74

    Hulks! What now?

    [quote name='Tienbau' timestamp='1307507620' post='41858'] Any other ideas? I like the hulk one, but I'm not sure how it would work in reality, or why. [/quote] I could see this working this way, once you clear a field, there is a random chance of getting this kind of message: "Now that the asteroid field has been cleared, your scanners have detected a hulk which was obscured by the neighboring asteroids." A hulk is spawned and the prospector is rewarded. It could also be an asteroid that was obscured and it could contain a random amount of a lot more of the field ores or even perhaps (very, very rarely) an AA device.
  14. Progen74

    Hulks! What now?

    I would imagine that the spaceships that got themselves "hulked" are made out of some fairly exotic materials and that even their twisted wreckage would contain a significant amount of very valuable salvage that could then be prospected. Why not make several different types (metal based, hydrocarbon based and crystal based?) of salvage and wreckage at each level(1-9) and allow prospectors to refine it to retrieve the ores? Or perhaps the stuff could be turned in to the various shipyards in the game for some kind of reward, be it credits, factions, tokens or whatever else seems neat. I for one, being a prospector, would enjoy collecting shiploads of salvage to turn in to get some neat explorer only gear. I also really like Cheezebaal's idea regarding the respawn and added danger. I think part of the danger could be a random chance to have a nasty creature "wake-up" once a prospector tries to "prospect" its new home! I know that if I was a deep space creature and went to all the trouble of pacifying a spaceship to make it into a home I would be extremely ornery if someone starting removing all those half-eaten spacesuits I was saving for later!
  15. Progen74

    Scan Blinding Environmental Effect

    I like the idea of the Scan Blinding Environmental Effect and would love to see it implemented in new sectors and/or new way off the grid mining sites. Imagine a sector with nasty roaming cl66s that could see you way before you see them, so of course, your group would need an Explorer class with them to "scout" or they would get decimated.