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  1. Soon as I'm back in front of a computer I'll get this addressed I cant remember if I did it before I left Korea and it made the recent push but hang in there the TS was a quick toss together from the TT/TE Mission and I dodnt want the TS to feel left out.
  2. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1320547066' post='48133'] I believe the hosts must be performing some networking maintenance, we were inaccessible for about 3 minutes about 10 minutes ago. However, it was nothing we were doing, no one was on the server, and I couldn't remote to the web machine suggesting a network change on their side or an interruption somewhere between us and them. [/quote] Can't wait till we can fire 1and1.com horrible service provider...
  3. Kyp your bolded information appears to be referring to a skill the PW doesnt currently possess. Enhancing the possibility of shields recharging during damage taking. But never was in Live either so not sure what thats being referenced for the overall of shield regenerating. Seems more of a skill that was to be added to enhance shield regen rates more effectively but wasn't the end all be all to shield regenerating. In Live you could regen shields in combat provided you werent effected by a DoT attack like plasma/chemical. Someone mentioned low level mobs not being able to kill and have shields regened, most of them didn't use DoT effects for attacks thus allowing your shield to regen enough to overcome the minuet damage being dealt by said mob (if being attacked by it). Here seems to be that anytime/anytype of damage stops the regen rate dead in its tracks no matter what (I can die by a level 1 if sitting there long enough taking it with a super equipped insert character). Seems like a flat rate of Xsecs (havent measured exact) before the shield recharge effect takes place. Yes devices like Restore/Refuge/Refresh also gave significant boosts/additives to that recharge which was a PS's favorite toys to carry helping themselves as well as groupies. Here they are kinda limited in the sense they really only help when combat is over instead of during (unless you factor in the bump from Shunts and things like Martyrs.)
  4. [quote name='Crichton' timestamp='1320438971' post='48022'] In Live the 6 bags were random from visiting the gourds. Since the devs don't have the 'randomizing' thingy in there they set it accordingly. Sure it was a little longer....but decent xp. I think it would be cool if next year it would be cool if they had different level ghosts/pumpkin mobs. Like CL 20-30, 31-40, and 41-50 with appropriate level loot so that toons above/below CL 30 could get some decent xp from fighting them. [/quote] Yep originally I only had a window of 1 week to work on the whole event, then delays happened (but I was already deep into the Terran HU and Bonus mission restoration with uncertain time when content was to be pushed. The mobs are definitely something that can be addressed for next year, and maybe perhaps the mission coding will allow for true recreation of the original mission. Maybe some other surprises. I can say this thus far, not everything has been done for Halloween on the server from what I've seen
  5. Pure outage far as I know nothing being removed to my knowledge (yet).
  6. [quote name='will' timestamp='1320245908' post='47938'] Display the remaining 2-minute immunity timer, preferably in place of the current cooldown notice, as it was in Live. Move the cooldown timer to the skill icon, similar to an activated equipment's reload timer, hopefully somehow possible to show up properly, including when multiples of the skill are on the skill bar. You should not be able to waste energy and use it on a currently immune mob. [/quote] Actually in live the activation timer was what was displayed over the skill in the hotbar. The 2min residual timer wasn't displayed. Reason being is you have an activation timer and a residual (immunity)timer. Seeing that you can activate the skill an mobs that have been hit/can be hit still it makes more sense to have had the activation timers over the skills (this was something that was in live that we are lacking here). Menace didn't have a 2min residual but I believe (and this isnt gospel) they did have some sort of rule that you couldn't chain menace (could be thinking of WoW days) but I think there was an immunity grace period after a mob/player (pvp arena) were menaced they had alike 5-10secs to attempt recover/heal/esacpe etc. Same went as if mob menaced players they couldnt chain menace either but usually if you got hit with a hard menace and werent up to snuff, you'd die taking it up the rear anyways. As for the rest all good observations and suggestions imo.
  7. Cool now if only I had a Droid product to test, nonetheless, nice work guys!
  8. [quote name='Tienbau' timestamp='1319937568' post='47802'] If everyone drops their PW's because they aren't doing enough damage/get killed to easily the chances of them ever being fixed drops quite a bit. We're struggling to achieve that subtle balance (without the super powers like the broken shield sap that gave infinite shields). If there's something wrong, you can either throw all your toys out the pram and do an attention seeking 'gone 4 evar' post, or, more usefully, come up with a few quantitive changes and offer to work with one of the devs to fine tune the PW. If we didn't love the project we wouldn't be bothering to work on it, sure all the classes need some lovin, but we also need help as we're all spread a bit thin. I know it seems like there hasn't been much progress for the last couple of months but we've been mostly working on expanding systems to handle new stuff that's been needed, and also re-working some of the old stuff that was rushed to finish in order to get something for people to use. [/quote] Aye... Baby steps folks, good things to come, from hard work of dedicated few free time.
  9. [quote name='Tarace' timestamp='1319901994' post='47763'] Has anyone noticed that the level 50 hull upgrade mission that takes you to high command in Zweihander now shows up blank since the Halloween patch? It could just be me but its worth a try. I tried to also drop the mission and restart it but McLellan at Earth Station wont even talk to me now. Blue [/quote] Submit a ticket for a GM, there were updates (patch notes will reflect when they get done up) Might of had old mission in logs and now its not turned on. They should be able to add the new one for you.
  10. Yea they werent cheap in live for those of the non-negotiate abilities (think with max negotiate and station faction favoritism you could have em down to 300-325k range)... but as Riia stated the price posted is what ya paid for the Non-Friend / Negotiate Discount lol. Its the future... cement is a rare commodity hehe.
  11. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1319296064' post='47572'] I think they were looking to compare one of my team's missions with yours in terms of difficulty, you missed that Byakhee. [/quote] Ya the Terran Advantage mission issues items for analyze instead of blueprints. I know Elrick created those so I'll leave that to him or Kyp to decide on changing it to awarding BluePrints instead of Item. In comparison the Agrippa missions issue blueprints not items to fail analysis as a Reward (and before B goes into it or rather left field) I'm not talking about the Exam missions where you can fail the Exams... These and the players are referencing the Terran Advantage Engines that are meant as a reward to Terrans and have high difficulty set to build/analyze (so failure is pretty high). I failed a L9, 2 7s and an 8 (between my 2 terrans too).
  12. tredway


  13. [quote name='Mimir' timestamp='1318861028' post='47386'] We do both, grumble grumble. iPhone/iPad development costs $$ for access to put apps on THEIR store. But if you do one you almost have to do the other. [/quote] Ah... I didnt get a chance to look at the site thoroughly, just saw Android Monitor figured it was an Droid only thing. I was unaware the fruit store charged to put apps on, I thought they got a profit if sold. But eh I don't really know I just pull em down. Be interesting to see what you come up with for us here though!
  14. [quote name='Mimir' timestamp='1318858229' post='47379'] [url="http://www.mti-llp.com/"]http://www.mti-llp.com/[/url] Not sure if you want my grumpy a$$ help, last time I submitted an android app we were working on I was accused of faking it, and doing the screens in Photoshop. Let me know if and or what you need. P.S. Oh I may do some screens to you IN Photoshop for administrative approval. Mim [/quote] Went to link says Android Monitor, running on 3 Iphone 3G/3GS graphic for cellphones lol thought was funny shouldn't it be a picture of Android Hardware not Apples? Is that link your work Mimir?
  15. [quote name='BrixunMortar' timestamp='1318706616' post='47333'] only possibly lol [/quote] Well I would assume its gonna change, but I'm not the one to say it will/wont (Not a DEV). But I would prefer they all 3 were aligned as intended, which I'm sure they will just takes time and coding effort when they can. I'll be along for the ride in the mean time hehe.
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