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  1. Ok. Recently had to reformat for windows issues and finally got around to reinstalling the game, got the unified installer and the demo downloaded and installed <with both admin permissions> and updated and everytime i try to launch i get this/ Error launching client. Details; Could not launch Net7proxy working Directory: C:\Program files (x86)\Net-7\bin FileName C:\Program files (x86)\Net-7\bin\net7proxy.exe Arguments: /ADDRESS: /CLIENT:"C:\PROGRA~Z\EAGAME~1\EARTH&~1\release\client.exe" Details %1 is not a valid Win32 Application Any ideas lol?
  2. Mr. Matt will you please shut the feck up i've had it with your Sarcasum. There are 2 types of guilds that would be playing guilds and RAIDING guilds AKA B I G guilds. and as i've tried to stated so many times and i will repost it to where Maybe your dumba22 can understand it. [size=6]the pact is between 5 fecking guilds [size=3][size=4]ergo. this [/size][/size][/size]"The biigger guilds have (rightly or wrongly) taken on the role of that arrogant king in smaller guilds eyes, the smaller guilds being the starving villagers can see the food in the king's forest (raid)" is horse3hit where are you getting this Bigger guilds have taken the role of the king? we've not taken anything away from smaller guilds they are welcome to raid what ever the hell they please so enough is enough.
  3. [quote name='Mattsacre' timestamp='1329640960' post='54013'] So in order: 1.Your perception isn't the same as others perception, if you can't see the problem after its been pointed out repeatedly you are NEVER going to see it, by all means just step over that homeless man in the gutter...he don't exist if you don't see him,rrrright, nope don't see any homeless, there must not be a homeless problem. [/quote] Ok. dude with that perception of the homeless thats just it. may i ask what guild your in sir and may i ask if you've ever been in the situation of SStanding alone? Fending for your self? i have and lemme tell you dude it sucks now and back in live man. from my earlier post i've been told "Good Job Jones, Man why'd you delete that post you hit it right on the head man." and after your 2nd post dude i think they were right so. my rant to thoes who couldent see it was basicly. Why are the smaller guilds bitching about us doing the only thing we have left in this game. i mean because of this post 3 of my best friends in the guild have completely quit raiding. 1 being my guild leader because they're tired of the drama. and in all honesty i am to. to restate my earlier post if the little guilds have an issue with the pact between the guilds who can do BBG we will work around it but instead of comming here to bitch where this is where people come to have there problems solved try asking for an officer in any of the guilds and we'll do our best to get you in the pact IF and only IF you can raid BBG and Controller that is not me being a complete dick but that is what Phenoix. CRI Static Builders and VGE had to agree on. and my final thing to say is this pact is only between 5 guilds in the whole server and the pact rules clearly state "On a certen Guilds night Example Monday Voncorp Galactic Empire will be alloud to raid GoBB and Controller WITHOUT interference from the other 4 guild of this pact." the other *****(4)***** guilds of this pact. that means if some guild other then CRI Phenoix Static and Builders want to try and raid BBG on monday its ok THE SAME Applys to Tuesday, Wensday, Thrusday and Friday and Saturday and Sunday are free-for-all days so if you want to get into the pact contact a(n) officer form any of the guilds show them that your guild can kill BBG and Troller and well put you in the pact now the main purpose of this pact is to dissolve the server drama aginst raids and most likely we'll split up the raids on diffrent days then the skuttle bug scooter or the boggy cpt come in from DT and sence VGE has BBG on mondays we'll prolly either have scooter on tuesdays or wensdays now like i stated and i'm going to restate in a diffrent color [b][u][color=#ff0000]this will NOT ban people outside of the pact to the ability to kill the Ghost of blackbeard, The Controller raid mobs and boss, Skuttle bug scooter and the Boggy Cpt (when they come in) period end of story[/color][/u][/b]. if you have any questions PM me ingame or send me a message over the fourms. Jones
  4. [size=5][b]all i feel this game needs is alittle co-op playing not just with your guilds but Other guilds banding together to take on what bigger guilds can perfect example (and i know i'm gunna get slammed for this) Adventure quest worlds an MMO i played before i got into the emulator there are no guilds (atleast thats true from when i played) so if you needed help on somthing all ya had to do was say in a chat channel "hey. can i have some help with killing this boss?" and generally there would be people replying saying Yes, or Of course. whats diffrent about that MMORPG and this MMORPG? Missles and flashlights compared to swords and magic? why can't 2 little guilds form together and take down BBG i've seen it done before i've done it before my self. Mattsacre i do apolagise about my actings last night. i went off half-cocked and didn't read everything and only saw and listened without findings my self but somtimes you do sturr things up and add to the drama but not all the time[/b][/size]. [size=5][b]Also to others i posted about last night you have my sincer apolgies and that post will be deleated as soon as this one goes up.[/b][/size] [size=5][b]Jones[/b][/size]
  5. Ok. I enjoy the use of the terran advantages on my enforcer and trader but i've blown through about 6-8 of the level 9s tring to get the map on my enforcer and the mission is a one shot deal you do it once you get the 7-9 mappable but once is not enough for some people, What i'm getting at now is give some people a 2nd chace, the mission starts at OL 145+ now if you blow the L7 8 or 9 possably get another chance at OL 150 but if you blow that your SOL what i'l getting to is the Terran Advantage Engines are a nice little bonus from the Agrippa missions but there a little hard to get to try to map and some like my enforcer have a hard time mapping things at L9 (for the shear fact i'm to cheap and lazy to go BUY L8 and 9 engines i just map what comes available for me.) So basicly the whole reason for this post/rant is to Beg for there to be a 2nd chance to obtain the TA9 print by leveling up another 5 levels and getting the mission again.
  6. server stillith down as of 4pm est this is gettin ugly now maaaaan i needith my after lunch fix
  7. Basicly its this man from my perspective fishbowl can maybe be done with 2 groups 1 combat 1 healing/looters the warder is solo RD base 2 groups combat hardened Coltroller 1 1/2 groups and BBG 2 solid raiding goups BBG is fine as is except for deflects are alittle high Troller is ok except for minions some times will wonder a long ways of fishbowl i've stated in a diffrent topic Warder way to long spawn timer and way to easy and the RD base Where is he? havent seen him in a while also mordona is a 1/2 raid group 1 PW 1 TT and 1 JE could do it without deaths maybe make it alittle harder thats my perspective aobut it there is room for change this is my opinion not what everyone has to think.
  8. I've knoticed after timeless encounters with nessixs minions there shields have been increaced a little cant rember what they were before but now there L54 Mobs with 3.9 million shields nessix his self a L66 boss has around 6 million i agree his minions should be a little tougher to kill then the other fish but my guild can wiz through every other wave including the master but his wave takes us like 20 minutes to get dont also the fish bowl mobs are scattering on spawning to the far reaches of the bowl some are going outside the boundries i'll post a pic of the minions shield strength but when i get some that are really far scattered from the rest of the group i'll post that too also i'll post any fish that are outside the bounderies {Apolagies about size of pic kinda had it at a bad file type} [attachment=1284:rsz_1screen_1.jpg]
  9. sprayja

    New Goal

    Kyp If i may ask How much will the new equipment cost? the reason being is were paying about 1k a month for the servers over in Europe so is the dev team Out right buying the servers or again renting them? just a wonder to ease minds Jones
  10. yes i forgot about combat cloak in my calculations that number is without combat cloak thanks for the heads up hellhas
  11. Kyp. I've seen and payed witness to a JD and JE taking the 'Target Destryoed' Message in raids Example Main Progen Warrior Equipment Ten-gu Bile cannon X2 200% reload 1.3 secs counted as 1 second Flachette Omega 200% reload 0.8 secs counted as 1 second Brimstone Ballista 200% reload 1.5 secs counted as 2 seconds Black Spitter 107% reload 4.1 secs counted as 4 seconds Fury of the master 135% reload 1.1 secs counted as 1 second Overall Damage Per Second with out Debuff around 812.62 Havent used the L9 Gorgons to test yet. Support Jenquai Explorer Equpment ** note theses numbers are without Combatcloak adding damage ** Glare of Devistation 118% Reload 11 secs Devistating Gaze 200% 10 secs Made to live 200% 6 secs Overall Damage per second without debuff 444.72 Overall Damage per second with Debuff L9 Chimera's Dred Scourge -46.0 Plasma Deflect for 216 seconds 996.78 My data is incomplete but i have heard it and i can and will record it that a JE can out DPS a PW and get the kill in a face off, Also the JE sap is uneffected by the 2 minute timer so they can throw out a shield leech alot faster then a PW can so theres a chunk of DPS there i'm not after anything but just to get a good tank back in the game one that can Take alot of damage and throw it right back.
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