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  1. Thanks for your answers.   If the launcher is a level IV, then it is not intended for OL25-50 as stated in the net7 news - I was expecting a level III to be awarded to fit in with the description.   My TS will just have to wait until he is a bit bigger to complete the next set of missions to get the launcher. :(
  2. Should the missions in Neptune result in getting a missile lancher?   My TS worked through a number of missions, scouting navs, killing chevez, delivering reports then killing spys, and I only received credits at the end of it all. Nobody else is giving missions out now, but I was told to come back at OL50.   The net7 report states a Terran Only Missile Launcher is the reward. Has anybody managed to get one of these launchers?
  3. So I was missing something!! Found it now though. ;-) Thanks for the help
  4. I am trying to do the level 75 HU mission for my PS and get to: (4/7) Last Patrol, Check out Vali in Odins Belt. The only vali that I can find is in Odin Rex, but going there does not progress the mission. Am I completly missing something, or is there a bug in the mission? Thanks in advance.
  5. I had the same problem and had to get David to change the permissions so that I could donate again.
  6. I have just created a new PP, but can't get any of the starter missions as none of the NPC's would talk to me. When I got to level 5 by killing things and trading the loot I got the mission for negotiate, but Brock still tells me to go away, so I can't get the key skills. Anybody got any ideas?
  7. Hi Amethyst, I was a memeber of BSC in live, and would be happy to be a member again if it is started up again.
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