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  1. Thanks.  I was reading through the forums and I had a feeling that was the case.
  2. Hi guys.  Its been more than a few years since I played here, but thought I'd come back to see if the game is still alive.  I'm very happy to see that things have gone on just fine without me for all this time.   After re-installing the software I logged back in to find both my toons still available.  But all my stuff is gone.  I had a lvl150 JD and lvl150 PW.  My toons and ships are just as I left them, but both characters are back to lvl0, my vaults are empty, and I have lost my guild affiliation.   Can I recover all my stuff and get back to where I left off?   Thanks Robospinn
  3. I'm having the same problem. Crashes to the desktop when I enter my username and password. I'm running Win 7 64bit pro. Working my way through compatibility options to see if anything works. If it does, I'll post here. Just to make sure that I'm doing this right (newbie to win7), I'm setting the compatibility options on the E&B icon on the desktop itself, not through the Net7 launcher. Net7 seems to be running fine, but I'm in the process of resting he updates to see if that helps.
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