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  1. Sounds like a fun project to me... Right now the most exciting beam for me is the proto 9, when you use it at max range it has a rather impressive plasma beam... Just wish my JE had a fourth slot so i could have a split beam-o-death, without losing the buffs of the other beams.. Can you code for that too Tien?
  2. Just make sure its not a scan range issue with your character.... move around the nav to make sure they aren't around. They won't necessarily be right next to the nav, just in that general area. Other possiblity is someone killed them off and they failed to respawn early. If you can find someone with a good scan range, like a JE or TS you might ask them if they will help you find them... or put in a ticket to the GM if they really are missing
  3. You might find the FAQ section on net7.org helpful. You don't need to burn the file to a disc, that is probably some burn software app doing that. Just go to the folder with the Earth & Beyond Client and double click it.. there used to be a patch also, so install that afterward. You don't need a disc to play, its all on your hard disc. Then run the "Earth & Beyond Configuration" found in your start menu under "EA GAMES/Earth and Beyond". This will set your Graphics and sound settings. Then download the Net-7 Launcher and install... let it install any updates it finds.
  4. I like the idea of the increase to damage on the HB torpedo.... lets face it, someone was asleep when they decided that. Perhaps making the ammo manufacturable would be a good workaround. That might almost make up for the exceptionally small stack size. This is a major raid ML drop after all, and there are (as discussed above) other plasma debuffers.. Yes the range is impressive, but you don't benefit unless you're a cronic kiter - you Terrans know who you are. PS: As for keeping things 'as they were in live' as someone mentioned... i don't think that is all that important, except as a 'general' rule - rather than something written in stone. The game was never "perfect" and its ours now to improve... Just saying...
  5. I'm writing a book about how the Mayan calendar is actually a prediction of when stability is achieved for the new EnB server.... Mayan 'solar' calendar... EnB server name 'sunrise' COINCIDENCE!!
  6. been down 40 min... Looks like some code may need a rework... Go watch some hockey playoffs
  7. [quote name='Lovelygirl' timestamp='1325797636' post='50974'] I love my lvl 150 JE and plan and getting a new paint job on it to make it scare the enemy...yes! [/quote] In addition to all the devices mentioned here for bumping up your JE... i would add the Chittin Bit shield buff device. Once you get skilled at cloaking and uncloaking, hitting a target with the chimeria together with plasma, you can kill some pretty big targets without scratching your paint. I was killing lv60 voltio in Lagarto with my JE last week... u need to have patience, but it can be done if you can isolate the target. At least until the devs bump them to gobb like powers,,,
  8. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1320544648' post='48128'] Sure I put up a link to a 7zip file on net-7.org, note that some of the things on these documents are out of date, they are usually grayed out, and in some cases we are changing to things that fit a better balance for our server. They [b]are not[/b] the final say in anything on this server, only the baseline we go by to try to set things up unless it doesn't work well balance wise. These documents predate the release of E&B live, just before Westwood sold to EA. [/quote] Yeah, no problem.. I was only able to play the game for about 8 months before they pulled the plug, so my memory is fuzzy on lots of stuff. Thought it would be interesting to see some of the original perameters, but like you say, everything can be improved on. Thanks!!
  9. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1320271171' post='47960'] Described in the original design docs we got from the live folks. It is supposed to be the way it appears now (and that's how I remember it as well, anyway). [/quote] I didn't know the Dev crew had access to original docs outlining how things worked during live... Damn decent of them, really. Is there a link to these docs so the rest of us can look at them? Thanks
  10. [quote name='Klyde' timestamp='1320000350' post='47824'] I guess maybe my memory is rusty also. Yes, I read the patch notes when the new skills were added, yes, I was playing the game at the time. But, I really don't remember the 2 minute cooldown being there all the way through to sunset. After all, many things were changed shortly after patching into the game, adjustments were always common. [/quote] I never played a PW in live, but i did play a max JE and I also don't remember any 2 minute shutdown of sheild sap on my JE... I used it all the time and it was always considered to be a forth weapon, and was vital for toping up the TT's reactors. Of course it was a long time ago, so i could be wrong... I'm playing a PW now at max level, and the 2 minute shutdown is a very long time to not have a vital skill when you are facing GOBB and his minions, or similar mobs, which is when you need it most... They can kill a full bore PW in a few seconds if your healer has butter on his fingers. I'm still trying to work around this with turning off guns briefly to lose aggro, ect.. i'm still a PW under training, so to speak. Notwithstanding the need for balancing out the characters, the shutdown is essentually acting as a foolproof hack against a skill that is supposed to work every 15 seconds.... and you can still activate it after that, but all you get is reactor depletion, unless you want to play musical chairs with it, if you are "lucky" enough to be surrounded by hostiles. So what i'm trying to say is it seems like a patch that doesn't fit... I think a better fit might be to extend the recharge time to 20 seconds. Know what i mean? That said I certainly understand the need to tweek the game, but i think 2 minutes was abit much... Even waiting 15 seconds seems like a long time. Not meant as a criticm, so much as an opinion from a progen who is grieved at seeing too many good Progen sons dying in a fireball with their fingers frantically hitting their SAP key.
  11. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1314917392' post='45538'] possibly the unpopular opinion in this thread but if it makes the environment safer (and there's no doubt that a fly by night conversion would most definitely be dangerous) then I'm all for it. If we returned to pre-EPA levels of different types of pollution this planet would likely be uninhabitable in less than a century. [/quote] Thank you Al Gore... Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fuels we have. Regulations are purely political, and they infringe natural property rights. There is neither civil of criminal liability in converting your car, unless you do damage to a third party (civil) or through malice cause harm (criminal). The control of government over our rights is many times more a threat than a tiny increase in carbon dioxide, which is plant food, and is non exothermic. Photosynthesis is an endothermic chemical reaction. Plants use *energy from the sun* to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen. This reaction requires 15MJ of energy (sunlight) for every kilogram of glucose that is produced.
  12. [quote name='Evermore' timestamp='1312432613' post='44003'] 24 hours ago from this post, the server was up for 366hrs, and as for buying a server - if there was a hardware issue, how long would we be down for then ??? [/quote] I see what you are saying. I'm certainly not saying there aren't plusses and minuses for each, but my friend runs two or three servers, and hardware issues are pretty rare for him, and he usually has things repaired pretty quick if they do break, since they run out of his house. He is also a certified administrator so software issues are also dealt with as soon as he knows about it. He makes money on the servers, so he can't have them down for long periods. So the server would have to find a good home, I'll give you that, but there seems to be some pretty computer savvy people involved with this project. It just seemed to me to be a better option that having to come short for rent. Maybe this won't be an issue, but I wanted to throw the idea out there to see what people thought of it.
  13. Yeah I heard they are "renting" the use of the server, which to me sounds expensive.. It would seem to me to be much easier to get a loan and buy a server and use donations to pay back the loan - donations are often used as capital/income for societies to get loans. Otherwise we'll end up paying several times what it would cost for that kind of server, and the rental fees will go on and on. I'm sure others have an opinion on this, but if money is going to be an issue, then i hope we find solutions to trim the fat. We should get out own server imho. Cheers.
  14. capybara


    [quote name='Stoop' timestamp='1311341301' post='43516'] I admit I don't know much when it comes to real life armaments, but I vaguely remember in The Hunt for Red October the torpedoes had a minimum firing range before they armed themselves (which could be removed at great risk to the ship firing them) if the torp hit before it armed itself it would just bounce off the hull with no real damage. Granted, that example's based on fiction (by one of the best writers I've ever read), AND we're talking missiles instead of torpedoes, but perhaps we could have some input from someone who's worked with missiles in real life? Nothing classified should be revealed of course, but some input on if missiles would have a min/max range. If we're going to implement the forward kiting ability would this logic apply to player missile users too (though most player missile users would prefer to remain at max range anyway, some mobs are equipped with beams and get up close and personal)? I'm in no way saying it's a bad idea, being a mainly Jenquai player I like it, but if MLs suddenly got a min/max range some players might not be too happy with the game [/quote] Well my Dad worked on the Sparrow Missile for Westinghouse and then briefly with Avro Aircraft Limited, then worked on Torpedoes for the DoD, so does that count? The answer here is: depends on the missile/projectile... If it as kinetic based proj then distance would count to some degree, because this type of missile uses its speed as part of the measure of damage it does, rather than just rely on an explosive payload. Its the reverse affect of a bullet, which slows as it leaves the barrel, a self propelled missile will increase its potential or kinetic impact the longer it has had to accelerate before it hits the target. So in this sense at least, short range would reduce the damage of that type of "missile".
  15. Goodness that seems so long ago... My most vivid memory of XT was taking my JE over the line and under cloak to mine the rich ore fields - often looking for conorite and other valued ores. I don't even remember what guarded them, but pretty sure it was mainly some nasty looking biological of some sort. This was were i learned to appreciate the scan range of the JE. If i remember the raid correctly, the mobs never fired on you until you fired on them, so you could engage each mob one at a time. I remember that much because i once accidently had my shield leech set to sphere leech, and managed to aggro about three at once... We survived it, and i always remembered to double check my leech icon twice..
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