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  2. I think I need to delete my old characters but I have no clue how to do it. I can't delete the account since as soon as I log on, the hand print lights up then the game crashes. Backstory for context. I had old accounts, was too excited to play to retrieve passwords so created new account, made a toon and played just fine. Even logged off and on a few times with no problems. Finally decided to retrieve some passwords and moved an old avatar to the new account and now it CTD every time. All the old accounts, which I now have access to, also CTD. If I can figure out how to delete old avatars I would so that I can log in again, but I seem to be able to only delete accounts after I've deleted the avatars, which I don't know how to do. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. It appears that if you don't opt out/cancel this mission after a hand in, you can't pick it up again.
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  6. your computer and its graphic ability limits what can be done. figuring out how to control the size of the window that EnB is in can be done from studying TragerMagoo's post under "technical" in these forums. How to specify exactly where it shows on the screen may be a bit tricky ... I just followed Magoo's instructions without sorting out the how it works details. Using a second, separate computer makes this a lot easier. Magoo's instructions leave the lower toolbar visible when EnB is running. I use this toolbar to toggle to my browser, which has multiple net-7.org pages open. You could, of course, also do the same with any other program of your choice.
  7. Is this a new issue on the PTR or are you experiencing this on Sunrise as well? None of the code around any of that was changed so it would be very very strange if it's unique to the PTR.
  8. Are asking the number browser windows/tabs?. If so on each of my 4 computers I open the net-7 main page for avatar info, a database page. The net-7 map pages. The enbmaps.de page. The main wiki page. The wiki job terminal page. The wiki / commands page and a couple of other pages . Each computer has a different account signed in so I ca. See info on all accounts with out having to sign out and back in to switch accounts. To look up items.
  9. Is there a location on the Net-7 account to keep game notes? Thanks
  10. And what is the maximum number of windows on one screen for Earth and Beyond Thanks
  11. How do would I resize multiple windows on a single screen so that both are visible
  12. Just did the mission on Moulinneufr scout , level 38 = 8 / 23 / 7 upon exiting in Freya, rotate until i saw sparkles , warped to it, killed the named hauler. mission updated. -------------------- New toon Mouliterscout 33 = 7 /18 / 8 upon exiting in Freya, rotate until I saw sparkles , warped to it, logged off to character selection loged back in after 30 seconds in Character selection , the named hauler came back and shot at me I did not shoot at it at all. warped to Carpenter , warped to Nav OMP ( Orsini Mining Platform ) found Infiniticorp Cargo Hauler level 10 , shot and killed Mission updated. ------ Tried witberg with previous above toon could not find Infiniticorp Cargo Hauler level 10 ( Not an issue sometime I don't find / or don't understand where things are. ) Could not verify Mission Upgrade on my own , only found cl21 Heavy hauler at my northest Navs ----------
  13. Same thing used to happen to me. I changed the keybind for Take A Picture and it stopped happening. It also happened with the period key on a few accounts.
  14. Pretty sure that only the cargo hauler that spawns from the mission trigger, with your name attached to it, counts for the mission step completion. The problem seems to be if a player logs off, the trigger to spawn the mob times out or never activates. This will probably happen at each step where the player has to destroy a cargo ship. If you think you're going to have to log off, wait, and do it before activating those mission steps - eg - log off during a "talk to Duvet" step instead.
  15. The CL11 InfinitiCorp Cargo Hauler spawned 15k east of the gates. The cargo ship can also be found in witberg at the northest nav. Try the infinity corp cargo hauler next to OMP Orsini Mining platform in carpenter
  16. nah i'm now on the 2nd attempt thru the mission. I forfeited and re-acquired. IMO , the trigger is buggy. If a player logs out after step 2, or during step 3, the mob probably will never spawn, or re-spawn. Could end up being the same trigger problem with future steps, so i'm logging out for the night before step 4, talk to Duvet again to aquire the next target.
  17. I see Ghentte is on step one of this war inc,good girls don'y, which is talk to Raynard Duvet on Adriel mining station, you must complete this step before going to the gates Woodstock HGM
  18. Warped out, then back, still nothing. Gated, then back. Nothing. logged off then on again, then warped out and back. Nothing. Mined awhile, came back, nothing. This mission trigger is just bugged, and needs to be fixed. It shouldn't require this much work or guesswork on the part of the player.
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  20. ensure the game is downloaded and installed (the original install disks work, DO NOT Repeat DO NOT use the EA Enb Launcher IT WILL NOT WORK, down load and install the Net-7 EnB Launcher from the Net-7.org Portal page under the Main tab then the Downloads menu choice. always run this Launcher to play the game. it will update the launcher and the game the first time you launch it, if you do not have a game account or a forum account Go the the ENB Emulator Forums and create an account this same account will be used to access the NET-7.org Portal page, once you are on the portal page if you do not have a game account, you will need to create on under the accounts tab, use this info to sign in the game, The portal page will show all your accounts and avatars on your current Email (future reference) if you have an account go to game and sign in you may need to link the account under the account tab o the portal page this is just a quick response i hope it helps Woodstock HGM
  21. It's due north of the Inverness/arduinne gate. Make sure you warp to the gate.
  22. Sometimes you need to fly away from the gate and warp back to get the spawn to start
  23. There's no sparkles to the right/east of the gate, ~30km away.
  24. Did the mission change? Step 2 for me says to travel to Freya and locate the Infinicorp cargo ship near the Centauri gates. Nothing about Inverness yet.
  25. Hey All, I love E&B, it's been several years since I last used the emulator. Been trying to get it going again but am having no luck. Any tips for getting E&B going in 2019? Sorry if I missed an obvious answer. Not having luck searching on the issue. I'm looking for specific steps on how to get EnB to work on windows 10?
  26. I've read a few posts, years old now, about these two skills, and yet, they same piss poor behavior still exists. So while I feel like I may be reinventing the wheel here, I felt it should be readdressed. - In short, some many years ago, our friendly mobs had their Psionic resistances improved to create challenge... - Also, the aggressive response to healing by our traders or TS was also greatly increased to create a new dynamic in the game for warriors to respond to ... Both changes are thoughtful, and add a nice need for some skills, such as Bio-repression(to slow mob attacks from zerging a single player, aka the healer), and Enrage to refocus attacks on the warriors instead of the healers ... In theory .... GREAT concept ... I love it ... I like having more to do at raids other than shoot weapons. In practice ..... not so good. There are no device(s) to improve Bio-repressions effectiveness so it may land 10 to 15% of the time and never on major boss mobs without a TT's debuff(which for a boss mob is not a bad deal). On top of that, when it does land, the skill block seems to be effective but not the weapon rate delay effect(AoE skill). This is directly in response to the AoE BioRep. Furthermore, it is IMPOSSIBLE for TT's or JE's to AoE debuff Psionic in order to make this skill effective(any even if the devices they have did AoE debuff, I would be afraid to think how bad that would generate even more aggression). As it stands, the very last skill in the BioRep line is effective because single targets can be debuffed. So it will work, even if not often, but typically with 2 or so TE's using the skill, it will be effective. This skill when it works, only shows fire rates with it's AoE skill set. It would be fantastic if it actually worked a bit more often than it does. That and the weapons fire rate reduction needs to be checked. This same story effects Enrage. It is, in it's current state, worthless. I trained it ... was using it ... and was chuckled at. I have recently took those points out and put them into build engines as that has some use on my TE. People will always try to give me the "TE's" are not tanks ... well, they are more of a tank than any healing class ... and can, by far help take hits with the PW's. Disagreeing with that is tom foolerly. This skill effects both the TE and PW naturally. Even though PW's have a shield that increases the skill, a shield most do not wish to use ... it is still not effective. When used, the spam of "Mob resisted" is pretty and almost 100% of the time. It is 100% of the time on any mob CL60 or higher. In conclusion ... I love the idea of creating challenge with increased Psionic and increased aggression to make warriors work .... but if the tools in game we are given do not work to combat those changes ... even after all these years since said changes ... all I can ask is why not? This also leads to many players never using the JS or TS in a healing roll as they are less shielded than a TT or PP. Any many will never use a PP simply because they can't duel heal shields and armor. And anyone knows ... any healer who cant heal hull, under current combat situations will die and then so will the team. I'm sorry, but when current game play forces almost nothing but TT's to be used as healers because of warriors inability to create a more controlled environment ... then something should be done. This kind of bottle neck game play takes a lot of flavor out of the game. If I had to pick one to be worked on over the other ... I would go for Enrage. Even as a primarily TE player, I would prefer that skill made effective. I would gladly put points back into it if it actually worked. DrasticMeat
  27. 1.Your mail provider it self could have a leak / security issue. Wouldnt be the first one... 2. Many spam bots are scripting/trying/guessing mail addresses these days I can see this on my domain logs. Sometime they hit an existing address. 3. Net-7 database passwords are encrypted, even if you would break in, no cookie for you. 4. We have very effective security mechanisms, monitors etc. Don't getting into detail but be warned: Don't even try...intrusion monitors would ban your IP immediatly!
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