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  2. Been Long Time

    Hello all...I did not kno E&B was back on again....Took awhile..but i am back...cant remember my old acct info...but np
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  4. Incompatible Net7Proxy

    My game played fine last night and then today.. I'm having the same issue. I cant get my game to get updates for anything. Used to we could force the update, but that's not working. I'm about ready to use this pc for target practice. Been working on it all day and still no closer to resolving this issue.
  5. Incompatible Net7Proxy

    I installed both the demo and the Net7 as administrator, they even got that small Icon of the administrator on their Icon. The only thing is that all is under d:/program files(x86). The client.exe, detours.exe,LaunchNet7.exe and net7proxy.exe are with administrator rights too. Some more files need that?
  6. Account log in

    Make sure you dont confuse game and forum accounts. If you still having problem, then you can either request forum account password reset link or change game account password on portal.
  7. Incompatible Net7Proxy

    If you have net7/enb installed under c:/program files, then you need to run launcher as admin to have write permissions for that directory.
  8. Incompatible Net7Proxy

    Yes. I moved it away. Reset the updates. Pressed Check for updates and it won't create it. The file is missing as it says couldn't launch net7proxy.
  9. Incompatible Net7Proxy

    after you delete it tell it to reset all updates? NOt quite sure i'm following if that's not what you mean.
  10. Incompatible Net7Proxy

    In the game launcher (LaunchNet7) folder under the bin directory delete the net7proxy.exe and in the top left of the launcher click the text label 'Launcher' and click 'Check for Updates'. This is telling you that the current version of the proxy installed in the directory is not compatible with the server and so the server is refusing the Connection. Tried this and it wont create it.
  11. Incompatible Net7Proxy

    Hello After some workarounds to get this working, I finally can hit play button. Now the first window appearing is *Incompatible version of Net7Proxy.Latest version is 2.42* and later Another window *Server Failed to respond to Login attempt* How do I get the Proxy to update? Does that have to do with the admin rights on the exe file itself, which maybe is not letting it get updated with the initial update when the game was updating? I got win10 home.
  12. Hi, I noticed that the net-7.org portal and Subpages (Wiki, Forum etc) need to be Logged in again after a pretty short period of time. I tried several browsers on several PC's. I am pretty sure it kept me logged in before in the past for at least 12 hours / entire day When I log in I check the box "remember login" but after a period of time (2 - 3 hours) I need to login again. Sometimes The layout of the site gives you the feeling you are still logged in, but when you click on the database for example, it tells me "you need to be logged in" This is not a major issue at all, but I think it worked before and stopped working now. Maybe its a small setting on your end for the login cookie to expire ? Fly Safe !
  13. Account log in

    Machinegunbob here, I made an account through the net-7 last night and I'm unable to log into that account. I can see it on the site as created as well. If one of yaw can help me with that it would be much appreciated. It's not a pressing issue so don't feel like you gotta rush on it. thx!
  14. Accounts

    Account name sent in a private message Welcome Back...
  15. Accounts

    Hi, I have come back in game a few days ago, but can't remember one of my accounts username and password for Britishbabe, last logged on was in 2013, Any possible chance someone PM me the details please ? TYVM. Mike
  16. I started playing about a month from Live-Start, untill a month to Sunset. Was Playing on Andromeda, first with a JE (coleoptersky) later with PW and TT (Gwindor, GwinTT) When EA announced the closing, slowly the sense to play faded, and with pain in my heart I Quit playing. I found the emulator project a few years ago (before the wipe) and tested several hours. Just recently re-discovered the project being as far as it is now: Fully playable and a lot of fun again !
  17. Server stops sending UDP?

    What might be an Issue is the setup of your homenetwork. As Kyp said correctly: UDB is a beast with some known limitations. One of it is there is no Error correction build in in this protocol. This can give some problems if you use Switch or AP in AP mode or even a hub, but they are ancient haha. You can try to connect the pc's to your router directly (or at least one of them) The reason this might be helping, is that a switch tends to Broadcast udp packets. Since 2 Devices are listening, things might go haywire in the udp stream. I hope it helps. Fly Safe ! Edit: Or to troubleshoot, you can try to multibox on the same client, just to see if that is working stable.
  18. Account and/or character rename?

    answered in a PM
  19. Wasted Triggers !

    I am an officer in Builders Inc, not as high as Flip. But, you have seen me be transparent about the current state of the big 3 and the game. I have openly said the raid rotation should die. As Ravina (another officer in Builders Inc) said, this discussion comes up every couple of months and it is doesn't go anywhere. The guild leaders of the big 3 either don't want the change or are no longer active enough to voice their opinion. Most of the people who voted for keeping the raid rotation in Builders Inc, don't actively play anymore. We are only officers in our guild and don't make decisions for the guild. I think Flip's suggestion of taking down triggers to force something to happen is the best route. Work together as a server and eventually the raid rotation will be forgotten.
  20. Wasted Triggers !

    Sorry for the double post but i prefer not to edit posts for reasons of consistency of a thread. My toon names are Realdeal/Thrilla/RdJE/ATE I am a member of Damage Inc, although my thoughts do not necessarily reflect the guild's sentiments. I played this game in Live and inconsistently since ST2. I try my best to have respect for all players and their viewpoints. I do not intend to insult anyone in my posts however in my passion errors may occur. Point in being, I know this game and how it has evolved. My viewpoints regarding the rotation stem from my passion for this game, not my greed for items from a raid. (I have basically everything I want for most of my toons.. with the exception of warder stuff and a TR for thrilla.. heh) BTW Mouli is doing a fine job as PA just not necessarily on this topic.. please do not respond to this comment here. Aloha
  21. Wasted Triggers !

    I understand what your saying Flip and I appreciate your insight. The sad truth is everyone (big3 members included) are still abiding to old order. The reason any raid is a struggle is because of this order. just as much as the public needs to revolt, the big3 members need to also "grow a pair" and stop the madness. I for one would not be a member of a guild that showed bad form and was unjust because a leader tells me so, but that's me. There must be a path to freedom or this thread is a mere venting session for all that understand what would make the current server better.
  22. Wasted Triggers !

    It's not that simple Shaka. The rotation agreement wasn't voted in by the player base, having the server vote on whether to keep it won't change anything. The agreement is a contract between 3 guilds, if you join one of those guilds, you should expect to follow through on any promises that guild has made with others in the game. Personally, I think the time for the rotation has passed, I would rather see everyone raiding together, but since I'm in one of the 3 guilds, I will abide by the agreement until I hear otherwise from my guild leaders. The way I see it, there's 2 ways for the agreement to change: 1) Members of one of the 3 guilds convince their leadership to change the agreement (I tried a vote in my guild last year to see if we should leave the rotation, but it didn't get enough support). 2) As Gunney said above, someone outside the big 3 guilds needs to grow a pair and start taking down the triggers to force something to happen.
  23. Hello, i typo'd in one of my game account creations, Game account us Zlverje should be Zilverje (somehow missed the i) is it possible to change that account name? or would it be easier for me to transfer the avatars off of that account then have it deleted, then create a new one? Question 2, would it be possible to rename one of my characters? would love to rename Zilverblue to Zilvertank
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  25. Wasted Triggers !

    The reason I believe it should be voted on to officially eliminate or suspend the rotation is "big3" members or the public in general seem tentative to join a forming raid for reasons of upsetting old rotation traditions or affecting change for the elimination of one. I could not agree more that the game would be a much better environment if everyone raided together.
  26. Wasted Triggers !

    Why is everyone saying remove the rotation? Just get a group together and take down a trigger if it pops up Will a few yell and scream about it? Yep Are people yelling and screaming about the way it is now? Yep The ONE reason for keeping the rotation, that they bring up over and over and over is it will start a "war" But I ask to you all, who will fight in this war? There arent many of us left Lets play the game WITH EACH OTHER before there isnt anyone left to play with
  27. Wasted Triggers !

    http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=5904be30e4b06cb867ea4eec# I set this up in April it seem the majority don't want this raid agreement on but honestly Not sure why it has not be been removed. I am Builders Inc member and yeah my vote has been to remove lol but not sure why we can't just do it and Shaka if you search the forums this has been a topic every few months :). But definitely now would make sense to remove but in the meantime builders Inc leadership has instructed for a while now if we don't have enough people to invite public which we do but not sure then other 2 guilds in rotation.
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