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  2. So that there is no confusion, you using your smart-phone while driving spaceship and you wonder why you crash to the gate? In all seriousness, I don't think it has anything to do with web page being open. Portal does have periodic ping to update online players count and unread mail, but thats it. There is no other activity on the page.
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  4. Gating disconnects are much more common when certain Net7 panels are open. I and others have had successive disconnections when trying to gate. After closing certain open Net7 panels, the gate disconnects disappeared. The panels are: A character panel of the Avatars menu Character panel of the Avatar Planner I have not tried to turn gate crashes on and off by opening and closing these panels, but have seen crashing disappear when these panels were open and I closed them. So have other players.
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  6. cloak consumes energy

    I answered this already on your gm ticket
  7. cloak consumes energy

    Just means the wording is wrong. Cloak has and always should use energy to activate, then use energy to keep active.
  8. No worries, glad you like it. Ah that is a bummer. I'll try to find some time soon[ish], but kinda swamped atm, so not making any promises.
  9. Thanks a lot for this tool, it's amazing ! However, after the stupid Win10 x64 Creators Fall Update (1709) it's no longer detecting clients properly. It launches one from a list of 5 or 6 and positions it where specified, but the others are not detected and launched automatically. Can you do anything about that ? Thanks.
  10. just seen that cloak uses energy on activation. tried on my jd and my je when activate combat cloak it uses instant 100 energy description says it dont dos. could ya pls look after this? at low lvls there isn much Juice in reactor.
  11. Asperity of the Master

    I would also be interested to know as i have a 125% one sat in my hanger, never used it due to it being crap and of no use.
  12. Asperity of the Master

    Are there any plans to enable the buffs that come with the Asperity of the Master? Damage Diffusion (Equip) Anti-Matter Charge (Equip)
  13. Earlier
  14. Registraion code problems

    Got it working, cheers.
  15. AHK Multiboxing setup - thanks Wolfie

    Also - why do you still use the multi client unlocker? The current client is unlocked without issue, and when you use the unlocker (unless there is a more updated version) it actually causes more problems than fixes. It's nice to be able to kill windows and such but for me at least this clientunlocker is currently unusable.
  16. Wow, over a month in and I am feeling accomplished. Level 141. I wanted to thank the community for helping me get here. Now the grind truly begins. ;) 

  17. All I played in live was a couple PW's and a JE. Played until sunset of course.

    I was in the guild Static on another server, but that was short lived as I chose the wrong server when looking for a RL friend.

    1. Saywhat


      I was lucky Evermore, my RL brother played EnB with me in Live. He has also played some of the Emu, but is often drawn away by RL events. Glad to have you as part of our community. 

  18. Registraion code problems

    Go to this thead It will show ya where to go and how to install There is no Reg Code =)
  19. Dose anyone have the CD registration code involved in making a new account. I have registered a new login and password but the software is asking for the CD code which I can't find anywhere.
  20. Garway... my toons name was Avaitor, I joined the guild after taking sometime off. I was invited to the guild by "Psych: I think. We had been together in a prior guild as a bunch of TE's. Great to see you :).
  21. Rebooting the economy

    There is no economy in this version of the game, nor do I see there ever being one. I do truly miss the market chat in live, it evolved into its own little aspect of the game. Now, however, there aren't only 3 with the print for that elusive item, everyone has it. Most people have their own builder, miner and fighter, if not several of each. If you want an economy, you would need to wipe the slate clean (loose half the player base due to it happening) Increase the rarity of non vender items, bump up the difficulty on mining, combat and trade runs, and limit players to 1 toon so they are in need of the economy. The economy is driven by wants and needs, If someone can do it all for themselves why wouldnt they? People here now with many toons did so cause they like the game and want to try each one out, max them out so to say In the process, they kill the economy
  22. Accidental change of password

    game account password reset is sent to linked forum account email.
  23. Accidental change of password

    Let me affirm that the usual process of forgetting password has already been considered. The e-mail associated with said account does not exist anymore.
  24. Rebooting the economy

    Lquan, but what would you say is the most/more frustrating ores, minerals, or comps to try to find (that are not loot only or non-manuf)? We could start with a few specific suggestions to ask the devs to tweak in terms of spawn frequency... besides just a general "more L9". I know at L1-3 there's usually not too much player building and trade, but ideally we could try to encourage a little bit more of that... across low & all levels.
  25. There's a lot of depressed gamers out there after Battlefront II, Destiny 2, and myriad other failures and disappointments from big titles in gaming ...but that means that the harvest is ripe and ready for recruiting more players to golden oldie games like Earth & Beyond. Let's go visit some forums and do some recruiting. Keep it subtle, tho, right? No actual original posts/topics. Just reply with a link and a little hint to come find us when you see someone else making a post about how they're disappointed or frustrated or have a wish list for a game. We could use some more population here, but don't want a flood.
  26. Rebooting the economy

    I'm a slacker ... only one L 150 JE so far. Like Thuvia, I have mules for multiple purposes. Mostly it's convenient. I have other 'toons building up slowly -- as each tops out, I turn to building. But, in order to build, I first must have the item to analyze ... so my mules save a few of each item as I loot them so that my designated builders, when they reach the target level, can analyze them. And yes, I have ore mules as well ... their function is to feed ores to ammo builders as they need them, plus to component builders as they need them [unless I happen to have the component in stock ... too many possibles to do that for all but the most commonly used]. And, being naturally thrifty, and a JE, I also have a girl who saves materials that can be turned in to npcs for standing gains. Never know when I might get the bug to go to der Todesengel and to do that, my 'toon would have to improve standing with the Bogies. *** Not to speak too much about another game [horrors!] and EVE Online started their market system with npcs buying AND selling ores. One bit is that EVE has far fewer refined minerals ... which automatically makes the buy/sell action more concentrated. EVE's free market prices are now well above what npcs will pay to buy minerals in and npcs selling minerals was phased out long ago. They do adjust their economy [and ore spawn rates] several times a year.
  27. AHK And Multiboxing

    I could not fix the clicks with two screens running. :-( I only multiboxed when I had the 1080p tv attached (and left my optimus laptop internal screen deactivated when playing like this). I've since stopped playing EnB for now. Good luck!
  28. I recently changed a password on one of my game accounts, but mistakenly changed one that wasn't intended. Just need some assistance accessing the account and re-changing a password please. Thank you
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