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ESO Beta Stress Test

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I got my Elder Scrolls Online beta stress test invite yesterday via email. My account is now set up and client installed ready for this weekends stress event. 

Did any of you guys also receive an invite, or have any of you already taken part in testing?

How well do you think this title will do after launch, is it going to be the next World of Warcraft or do you think it's going to suffer a similar fate to most other MMORPG's as of late?

Personally I am quite excited by the game and I am hoping that it will bring a fresh perspective to a genre that is heavily set in it's ways, especially the fantasy based titles.


Bethesda have done sterling work with Dishonored, Fallout 3/New Vegas and obviously Skyrim over the years but is anyone else worried that their vision will not translate well to the troll infested waters of the massively multi player scene?


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I played this quite a bit.

Then I got to the PVP portion.

I quit within an hour.


When you have to travel 10-15 minutes for a few seconds on combat, that is not pvp.

I won't go back unless they fix it, complete waste of pvp.


If you don't like PVP then the PVE is pretty nice.

However considering this is primary pvp game...they screwed it royally.


Whoever though making pvp spawns so far away from contention points should be shot.

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Good luck with ESO. I like the single player games alot. Been playing them since Daggerfell. I just don't see how that world would be for a mmo. The single player games gave you so much freedom. ESO will be nothing like that. To me if you can't explore the whole world with any race,its not an Elderscrolls game. If you make a redguard you will only be able to explore your area. If you go outside it you will be attack by town guards or townsfolk. No freedom to explore at all. You may like this but i and a lot of fans don't. And Bethesda is not making the game. The parent company is. Bethesda will still make the single player games though.

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From what I can gather the game is certainly going to have teething problems. I'm really hoping that they are going to be dedicated to it though. I think they are banking on an exodus of players joining from Skyrim that are basically expecting "Skyrim online". Which in all honest is what I was expecting at first and evidently that is not the case. I hope it is not "free to play" by next year but right now I have a feeling it is going to be. 

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Ive been beta testing it for two sessions now.  This will be my third, but I maybe have gotten to level 5/7 each time due to my hectic work schedule and it being on the weekend.


It launches in early april, so these closed sessions are likely to be among the last, expect open Beta soon I reckon.

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