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Class Skills at OL135

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Yesterday (07/28/2013) in the Developers Q&A session, I asked if the other classes were due their own special class skill to be earned upon attaining Overall Level 135. Two examples that come to mind are the Sentinel's Call Forward and the Explorer's Compulsory Contemplation. Well, in delving into the lore and notes of the Earth & Beyond Storyline Resource document, I found a third special class skill that was next in line for release but never saw Live before Sunset.

The skill is called Impervious Haven. It is for the Terran Tradesman. What it does or how it is implemented was not in the notes, but only in name. At least two other classes were scheduled for special skills after the Tradesman starting with the Progen Warrior then the Jenquai Defender.

Now when I asked Elrick about if the classes were to eventually get these hinted-at class skills, he replied that there was no room in the PDA to add them without removing a skill. Given that and the original six classes are expanded to nine, how can we re-distribute the skills out a little so as to allow each class for that new, special skill learned at Overall Level 135? I took a look and saw that the Build skills could be best re-shuffled about with minimal damage to each class. But what should be moved and where? Part of the answer is what each race cannot generally build. Terrans don't build reactors. Progen don't build engines. Jenquai don't build shields. By that initial process of elimination, how can we move the skills about to allow for the single special skill learned at Overall Level 135?

I know that there are issues with Compulsory Contemplation. There may be issues with a skill named Impervious Haven. Who knows? But with each class getting a skill at that level the mystery is killing me with curiosity. So here's my challenge:

What skills in each class' PDA can we move around to allow for the special 135 skill? My first vote was to shift the Build Skills. I know that this might anger the pilots who love building and will tick off the Tradesmen the most. But with a skill name like Impervious Haven, I'd be willing to drop a Build Skill just to have a gander.

We know that some of the newer classes have skills that are not right. Privateers are missing Dismantle. The Seeker is suffering. The Skill points system is heavy on the warrior-types and inadequate on the explorer-types. If we were to re-work the skill-sets, to allow for the 135 skill, how might this also help those deficient classes?

From the Careers department desk at NET-7 SOL, this is the Pakkrat.
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Hmm, the Privateer has 16 skills, if you include everything that costs skill points, everyone else has 17.  The PE and JE have 17 plus one L135 skill.   If it was possible to work on the JT, and make her suffer less, I'd borrow something Kenu mentioned a while back.  Change Reactor Optimization to the JT's L135 skill.  It would have the same effect as if you'd maxed the skill, then give the JT a very useful support skill.  Since she's an Explorer/trader hybrid, said skill could be some type of debuff skill, L7 of course.  Confuse or Distract maybe?  If it hasn't already been used.


One of the things that limits the devs, if I understand their prior comments on this correctly, is that there are only so many unused skills.   If you check the old documents, on the N7 site, there are skills that weren't used such as dismantle, salvage, find weakness, disable, confuse, distract,  and others.  To make new skills those unused skills can be changed to something else, but once the last unused skill is gone, they can't add any more.  The devs used Afterburn on the Scout, and Null Factor was originally Progen Lore.  They used another one for the Jenquai Seeker's Reactor Optimization.  What I wonder is in the original game did the EA devs also use 8 of them, when they added one skill to each of the original 6 classes, and the JE/PE L135 skills or were they able to add those without subtracting from the potential skills that the Emulator devs can use.  I'd also wonder how many unused skills that they have left, since the emulator developers have used at least 3.  If they have at least 8 left, they could probably add a L135 skill to each class plus add the PT's missing L7 skill.  If they have at least 8, remaining then it's possible to give each class a L135 skill, as well as giving the PT his missing skill.  Of course this assumes that I understand the devs prior comments on this matter correctly.  Would be really nice if they had 9 remaining (specifically for the Scout).


I do think that the Scout & Seeker are both suffering, because they don't have enough special things to bring.   The JT has Reactor Optimization, which helps some since it's useful & doesn't conflict with the buffs that the JE brings but I don't think it's enough.  She really needs some unique support skills, or new device effects that only she can use, to get her up to speed as a support class.  In Solo combat the JT is quite effective, at least I find mine to be, when played with patience.  I don't know what limitations the devs have on new device effects.  I'd say that if they pick 3 very good ones, and put them devices that are exclusive to the JT, she'd be either ready to go and desired or close to it.  If she's not quite there yet, make RO the JT's 135 skill, and give her some type of offensive debuffer skill to use on both bio & mech mobs.  The Scout would need similar love on the Activated device front as the JT.  Add 2 more levels to Null Factor & Afterburn, might help too.  The JT & Scout will need to bring support utility comparable to the JE to be viable, without stepping on the toes of the existing classes.


That's why I asked the new device effects question w/r/t the new classes.


I'd agree that the skill points are light on some of the playable characters, but really only tne new classes.   The Original 6 classes kept the "capped at 5" skills to 3 or fewer, and only the PE and TW had that many 5 capped skills.  The JE, PW, JW, and TT only have one skill capped at 5.  The PT has 3, the JT has 4, and the Scout has 5.



Edit: I did a quick look at the documents, I counted 23 that weren't in use at the launch of the original game, assuming some weren't used without being noticable to the players.  Now if we assume that every skill that EA added, plus every skill that the emulator devs added, used one there should be 12 left.  That could be totally wrong; however, if I miscounted them, if some of those skills in the document didn't make it into the client, if some of them were used in ways I didn't account for, or any combination of those possibilities.

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Just wanted to put some notes on this since I have first hand knowledge working with westwood on this.


The "original" plan was that each race/class would have a special.  There were the following but were never really finished.



JE: Comtemp


JD: Power of the mind: Group Psionic shield at max level


JS: Energy Influx - Increase groups reactor by 50% of the JS reactor total capacity.



PW: Infinite Assault - Skills and weapons use no reactor for 30 seconds.  5 min cooldown.


PE - Rebirth


PT - Shield Modulation - Increase group shields by 50% of the PT shield total capacity



TT - Maximize - Increase group reactor and shield regen by 25.


TW - Deadly Tactics - Increases group critical rate by 50% for 30 seconds - 5 min cooldown


TS - Boldly Go - Increases player movement speed by 100, all shield resist by 25%, reactor & shield regen by 10 


That's what I remember about those.  Now as for implementing them in-game, that's another matter.

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6) The Compulsory Contemplation skill (and mission to gain the skill) for Sha'ha'dem Grandmasters (level 135+). This is the Jenquai Explorer affiliated skill. We're still doing a lot of tuning and tweaking but essentially what the skill does is allow the explorer to confuse a single enemy for a period of time. The skill drains energy from the Sha'ha'dem and the confused mob gets periodic resist checks to break free of the mind hold (or in the case of mechanicals, the infinite loop). A number of factors automatically break that hold. I'll have a lot more details after we've finished the tuning phase and feel more comfortable with the skill. We are aiming for a skill that is useful for the majority of Jenquai Explorer play styles, from those that want to bring a valuable ability to a raid, to those that want a more active role in groups, to those that enjoy solo play and want a way to deal with aggressive mobs without fighting them. from http://www.earthandbeyond.ca/news/devupdates/devupdate21.html


While doing the mission for Compulsory Contemplation I failed the analyze on the Damaged AI Control Interface (level 5) from http://www.earthandbeyond.ca/news/devupdates/devupdate27.html

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