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Where to start Terran Advantage mission?

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Not playing STn so I am a noob in this aspect.


My TE has now reached lv135, and I have heard that I can pick up the mission at Earth Station to get the Terran Advantage stuffs.  I have talked to every NPC at E.S. to no avail.  Is there a mission walkthrough for it?  May be my OL is not high enough yet?  I heard that I have to be careful with this mission, as I may fail the analysis.


Please help!

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You need to be OL145 for the mission so thats why you cant find where it starts. Not entirely sure if you have to be a max engine builder.

Btw its McKellan @Earth station

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I done the mission at level 150 and did not have any problems I recieved my 3 blue prints with maxed build engine skills I hope you have no problems Just follow your mission log,, Enjoy

Do they actually give you the prints, or is it still just a looted ones to try to print? You know, cross your fingers and pop it in the grinder? :(

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I just picked up the mission.  But I'm already stuck, lol.  I'm not good at mission.  It says "Find the base of operation for Agrippa Techologies.  I figured it was either Arx Emporos in Altair III or NV but I talk to all the NPC and mission never upated.  Is it somewhere else?  Any help would be great.  Thanks

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