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  1. from trader's fort, warp to planet Calamity. Head south from there and you will see a resource area with the freespacers circling about. in there you will find the cl37 captain. he's there. killed him many times for cl. good luck!
  2. I also got the goo in the PP starting area near nav 2 from the critters lvl 1 & 2. I seemed to get more drops of the goo there, than from ABG nav comm location from the actual dish dervishes themselves.   My TT did the mission for the ducttape as well, and my JE assisted him with all the refines so it was completable by non-jenqs with lvl 5+ build skills.
  3. will have to look into this when my TT gets to 145.. Thx for the info guys. :)
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