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So i start agrippa tomorrow and i need input.

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I've been scouting the forum for days and to put it lightly its a cluster $%%# of conflicting and confusing info and FUBAR. I was hoping someone who's done most of it coikd take the time to post and help me out.

I have a PW/PS/PP. All 150 where do I take my gold coins for each of these classes to start Agrippa?
Which fields can each ones learn weapons devices etc.
What do I do with the white coins?
Anything else I missed that key for me to know.

Basically I don't know where to begin for each progen toon.

Also what can the non progens learn Agrippa wise?

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Before I get started answering these questions, lemme give you my credentials. My Sentinel entered Agrippa through the front door at around OL/HU 100, mainly because it took that long to garner the Collegia Faction enough to allow the Architechti to talk to Pakkratius. He finished both Agrippa Devices mission line and the Agrippa Shields mission line. These lines only required Silver Tokens.

My Privateer went into Agrippa through the backdoor via Kenlz and his packmate, the infamous Growlz. Through a Gold Token, some shiny resource items and high-level tribute items to the rumored former Dog Soldier and her rogue Progen expatriates. This supposedly allowed him entry into Agrippa Weapons at Stage I, but for some strange reason put Pakkrateus at Stage II instead.

Which fields can each ones learn weapons devices etc.?
Each toon can enter Agrippa to learn the systems lines for each of his Build skills. My Sentinel completed both Agrippa Shields and Agrippa Devices. There are requirements of skill level and Faction in volved.

What do I do with the white coins?
Those are the Silver Tokens, useable through the front door of Agrippa Technologies. Go to Nostrand Vor and speak with the Architechti that teaches the skills you have on your toon. The Architechti are in the lounge.

Anything else I missed that key for me to know.
Here is your embroidered straight-jacket and we've reserved your padded cell in advance. Each toon will need help from other Agrippa toons. Agrippa Technologies is a maze of cooperation between Warriors, Sentinels, and Privateers. The builds feed upon each other and across classes. Each will need a component, system or experimental testing from another class at a few points. The end-mission systems are Progen-biased, meant for Progen use. Though Agrippa Technologies holds nothing against the other races, they do despise the Red Dragon and their rivals such as InfinitiCorp, Hyperia, GETCo, and Sundari. You will not want to be a pirate and enter Agrippa or you'll end up paying through the nose in fines, taxes, and ridicule by the Architechti at Nostrand Vor.
A word of advice. Spread your non-Agrippa toons across the galaxy's starbases. This will save you
Agrippa toon much travel time if you make use of the Account Transfer on the portal website.

Basically I don't know where to begin for each Progen toon.
First, you've leveled past HU135. This means you must enter Agrippa through the backdoor. Various vendors (weapons and systems) throughout the galaxy have been contacted by Growlz. She has clued them in on talking with her about entry into Agrippa if they are willing to part with "sumat shiny". This is the Gold Token. Growlz will take nothing lesser. Then when you have spotted a contacted vendor, he or she will point you to Kenlz. You will need to bring your Gold Token to him. He's been discovered parked among the rogue Progen packs in Lagarto sector. You can tell he will speak to you when you first enter Lagarto and target his 'nav'. A talk icon should appear. If not, then you've not done something right or your Faction sucks, or you're not a real Progen. Turning in the Gold Token to Kenlz at the insistence of Growlz, she will describe, as best her particular vernacular will allow, what you need to gather for tribute to her and her pack. Since you're past HU135, she wants some pretty expensive stuff and she knows you have the skill to produce for her rogue Progen. Can anyone say terrorist equippage? I knew you could.
From there, Growlz will help you into Agrippa.

Also what can the non progens learn Agrippa wise?
Non-Progen can enter through the front door only and only then if they are given an Invite item that invites the non-Progen to Stage II. They cannot enter Agrippa at Stage I and cannot begin Stage III until they have finished Stage II.

This is not all you need to know, but it will help get your chosen Agrippa toons started.

From his padded cell at DCO, this is the Pakrkat.

Pakkrat Industries - What can PI do for you?
Sentinel 150
Privateer 139
Trader 43
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How you go about Agrippa thru the back door is a question for some one who has done it, which I have not.


What I have done is gone thru it twice with a PP, a PS and a PW.  Once about 18 months ago with the help of many, most notably Prre Many, Many Thanks ;) , and reading everything I could lay my hands on in this forum then asking a lot of questions.  Most recently I finished it in mid January, and it is a much clearer now with better responses from the Archtecti on what I am lacking in order to progress.


The one thread I highly recommend reading ALL the way thru is here.;  It is over 7 pages long and chocked full of hiccups and problems that have been worked through.  If you choose NOT to read all that at least read the following.  It is on page 5, post #84 and it is the one thing that has helped me avoid nearly all the troubles I had the first time through.  With this 6 step order of Stage 1 you can do it all yourself and dodge a ton of pleading on market channel.  I quote it in it's entirety here, thanks Snotty:


Posted 02 January 2013 - 06:46 PM



I think that is a good start, I cleared all stage 1 today with my PW, PP and PS and helped some peeps that got stuck. What i notice is that everyone just jumps in and want to build the weapons, forget the components and reactors and then get stuck at the 'where the heck do i get the device from' stage.


I know that the order that you can do the missions in and don't mess up is:


1: PP components

2: PS devices (needs PP component and learns device)

3: PS Shield (uses PS device and learn shield)

4: PP shield (get shield from PS)

5: PP weapons (use device ripped from shield and learn beam)

6: PW weapons (uses beam)


If you change the order or skip a step you will need a different player that can make the beam or the shield. If its made clear that when i do only weapons to start with that after the initial start i will need to do components and shield to continue on my own or get the beam from an other player it will be a big improvement.


Regards, Snotty

End Post___________________________________________________________________________________


Most curse Agrippa, I enjoyed the missions.....  mostly <_<


It will be a bit more challenging for you on your path.  When I first heard about Agrippa I had 4 maxed out Progens, 2 PW's, a PS and a PP.  I didn't take your path. It wasn't available then.


I made new ones :P  much easier, much cheaper, and then I got them RD faction after getting all my patterns and a stockpile of encryptions.


Happy Camping

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I have only 1 question for you: How much money do you have?


Last I checked, someone posted he needed 300MM to go through the back door for 1 toon (reactor).


With that said, I understand why you want to do Agrippa: You have nothing left to do in the game :-)  You will either enjoy it or curse it.


Me?  I am currently stopped at Stage II: Out of money, so will need to grind some more.

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The costs of going through backdoor can be cut down by knowing the items required in advance. I did reactor line with no info so it cost me an arm and a leg to

build mutiple lvl8 reactors only to find it wasent the right sort.

I have a thread called "fire fer kenlz" if you wanna look it up. But it is a spoiler..  You wanna cut down costs its great.  But you will loose the challamge of figuring the

quest out for yourself.  



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Wow that k you so Mich for all the info this helps tremendously guys especially pak :)

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