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British Space Corps

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Couple more old school have joined us: Otis and Dragon :)

+ a new recruit from our WoW Guild: Nige (hi pal) ... now to work on the rest of them :D

Next target BM (Bloodymary), sure i've got his contact details somewhere ... Edited by scorpiomidget
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The BSC is not being represented in earth and beyond this time around, even though it has, at last gone live after 5 years of beta's.

However, if any new or old members wish to join the old crew from way back in live, then the Rebels of Earth Guild, who was affiliated with the BSC in the last 6 months of sunset, are welcoming any Bsc members that would like to play again.

So far, we have the following members that i'm sure you will know.


There all Officers and can recruit into our guild, So your all welcome to join us at any time, just send any of the above a tell, and we will get you in guild.

Merry Christmas icon_e_smile.gif

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Skibum is finally playing EnB as of this morning (28th December) and  :wub:  it all over again. Theres something about the first real mmorpg you play, was it the game the people or both? I still only seem to get on with JE at the moment after trying others briefly (TT and PW), so ill play that char for a while. Char name is Tesni, catch you folks ingame sometime. :)

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Oh -by the way some of you might remember Elvisharwen.  Quite the mission guru, and my daughter.  Anyhow, she is just about finished her BSc and MSc in astrophysics  :blink:  and is about to start a PhD in high energy physics. Megabeams here we come?

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The "Rebels of Earth" Guild is now recruiteing new members, if your not guilded and would like to join our friendly helpfull family guild, then send anyone on the list above a tell, and we will get you invited.


Thank You.

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