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  1. Back again after rl kicked family in the vitalsand you've all vanished :P , catch you all laters when i get back into the swing of things.
  2. I pllayed from live till just before the lights were turned off.   I will say a great jobs been done by all you people, when i heard what you were trying to do as an emu I thought they would be lucky ..... So glad I was totally wrong. :D
  3. Skibum is finally playing EnB as of this morning (28th December) and  :wub:  it all over again. Theres something about the first real mmorpg you play, was it the game the people or both? I still only seem to get on with JE at the moment after trying others briefly (TT and PW), so ill play that char for a while. Char name is Tesni, catch you folks ingame sometime. :)
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