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Suggestions For A Duo Group Of A Miner And Trader?

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We are creating a miner and trader that will always be working together. Looking for suggestions and a kind of ups and downs of each duo. Would like to be of the same race unless it is a bad idea.
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We want to explore everything, trying to build as many items as possible, and love to harvest things. Combat was more of a way to see what they drop, get the items to craft, and spice up the mining rather than combat for the sake of combat. In combat neither of us seem to have a preference yet and tried all 3 races upto about total level 20-30.

To add; one of us mines while the other is usually in formation. Then we both engage any enemies together. Edited by Narik
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When it comes to builds the Terran Tradesman is the best of the traders, and can build any manufacturable item, except for Reactors. The TT uses missiles as the preferred weapon, and gets it to L9, also comes with Recharge Shields & Hull Patch. The TT gets L9 Shields & L9 Engines. L8 Devices & Reactors. TT is also the most complete healer of the 3 traders, having both Recharge Shields & Hull Patch. The TT also has L7 Negotiate, while the other 2 traders only get L5. Terrans are not subject to racial restrictions in manufacturing, and can use most equipment from all 3 races.

The Progen Privateer has the most firepower of the traders, and is the toughest of the Traders. PT only has 4 builds, the other 2 traders have 5. The PT can build Weapons, Shields, Reactors, and Components. PT as a Progen is restricted from manufacturing, dismantling, or using Jenquai items. PT has Recharge Shields but not Hull Patch. They also have Menace L5, Shield Inversion, L9 Reactors & Shields, L8 Devices & engines. They are the combat orientated Trader and use Projectiles as their primary weapon. The PT is still under development, and is short one skill, but of the 3 new classes (Scout, Seeker, & Privateer) he's the most currently capable overall.

The Jenquai Seeker, is the exploration orientated trader. Like the TT she has 5 builds, but cannot build Shields. She also is restricted from using Progen equipment, dismantling, or building it. JT gets L9 Reactors, L9 Devices, L8 Shields, and L8 Engines. Seekers have the skill Reactor Optimization, to buff your reactors. JT uses beams. Currently JT leaves much to be desired on the support front. JT is also under development. JT has Recharge Shields but not Hull Patch.

The Jenquai Explorer, is the pure explorer. He gets L9 Devices and Reactors, L8 Engines & Shields. JE has the best reactors of the explorers, but the worst shields and fewest weapon mounts with the shortest range weapons, weakest shields and weakest armor. Beams don't need ammo but are otherwise inferior weapons. JEs can build Devices & Reactors, but cannot build items of Progen manufacture. JE is one of the fastest classes in the game, but not the fastest. JEs get the Navigate skill and the wormhole skill to aid travel. (WH is pretty big for shortening trips) Jenquai don't really lend towards formation fighting, due to beams having short range, they're more designed to be stealthy when they have to fight, and avoid fighting when they don't. Don't know if it's implemented, but in Live Beams had a damage penalty when used beyond 50% range.

The Progen Sentinel, is the fighting explorer. They have L9 Shields & Devices, with L8 engines & Reactors. They favor Projectiles. Progen Sentinels cannot build their own ammo but since you're pairing him up with a Trader that's not an issue. Sentinels can menace opponents, and Projectiles are medium range. The Sentinel cannot use Jenquai equipment. Sentinels can build Devices & Shields. Sentinels are restricted from building, manufacturing, using, or dismantling Jenquai equipment.

The Terran Scout is the Trading explorer. They get larger cargo holds than either the Sentinel or Explorer. Scouts also get the Negotiate skill, which gives them better profits for ores sold to vendors, and also at Negotiate 5 reduces the price of using the Build, Analyze, and Refine terminals. Terran Scouts use missiles as their primary weapon, but cannot build their own ammo. The Scout is also the fastest class in the game in both impulse & warp (but JE can out travel the scout due to wormhole). Scouts get L9 Engine & Devices, L8 Shields & Reactors. Scouts can build Devices & Engines and can use some items from all 3 races. The Scout is also still under development, and may be subject to skill changes.

Currently the Scout, Seeker, and Privateer don't have much equipment in game specifically for them, but can use most equipment that's not otherwise restricted from them.

If you want to fight from formation, I'd go with either the Terran or Progen in both your trader & explorer. Jenquai usually use their cloaks in combat, and cloaking breaks formation. (Jenquai get bonus damage for 5 seconds after decloaking from L5 Cloak)
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Thank you for posting that. I have been reading the forums and playing with the planner, though I missed the part about terrans having extra skill points on negotiate and that it reduces terminal prices. Also did not know classes were restricted from building others items. That really helps as we were struggling to understand what to pick to match what we want and not spending time on the wrong race only to end up frustrated having to restart.

We will go terran trader and terran scout because of the no cloaking in formation, being able to build most everything, negotiate on both and max on terran trader. Edited by Narik
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Everyone gets the same number of skill points levelling up, Negotiate just makes being a Terran more profitable, compared to the Progen or Jenquai of the same profession. (JT & PT get Negotiate 5, TT gets Negotiate 7, Scout & Enforcer get Negotiate 5)
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Terrell has given you all the info you could need but to explain it broadly when it comes to play styles.

Terrans are mining/combat TRADESMEN
Progen are mining/trading WARRIORS
Jenquai are (a joke - ducks) trading/combat Explorers - This class can take some finess to play well because as miners they have alot of power to use , but as warriors they are the glass cannon - they act all light in the loafers but they appear from nowhere baseball bat to the back of the knees and disappear again. Time that peekaboo wrong and its tow back to station time.

They do the things in caps well , the others they are capable.

Just my thoughts

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What combo would I take:

What PP brings to the table: L9 shield/L9reactor/L9 projectile guns/ 5 weapon slots. With 5 weaps and menace/shield inversion/area heal they should keep all agro or regain it from the TS/JE through judicious usage of skills/weaps. they have all builds including comp builds except engines/devices. The reactors/shields they build will give any range/recharge/warp buffs that either the PP/TS will need.As a Projectile user they will be able to fight at range, and with heals and the buffs the TS/JE brings be able to fight at close range were called for. They use devices that inhance damage that terrans do (chem/explosive). They have negotiate L5 (so does TS) so they compliment JE there.

What the TS brings to the table:Jump start/L9 engines/L9 missles/4 weapon slots. With 4 slots they should rarely gain agro, if they do with the debuffs they can do, the PP should easily gain it back. With missles they too can fight at range, and if needed close up with PP's support. They bring all the builds PPs lack (engine/device) and all the active buffs (animal skins) as well as the debuffs PP may want (impact). With the faster engines and navigate as well as afterburn/null they can drag the PP making them faster in thrust/warp and spot with for them with scan. They also bring hull patch that you had to give up with foregoing a TT, also bringing in hack for combat. As a miner they can provide all the ores needed for the PP to manufacture comps for the TS/PPs builds.

What the JE brings to the table: Jump start/L9 reactor/L9 beams/L9 devices/3 weapon slots. With 3 slots they will never gain agro unless its through debuffs/shield leech, the PP should handly regain agro if this happens. With the L9 devices (with the game being more weighted towards jenny devices) they should be able to give almost any buff the PP lacks/ would desire. including most notably plasma debuffs. While they can't fight at range very well (they can use PL's but most jenny PL's are inferior and few JE bother to lvl them) because of beams, they can later ingame use cloak on the group and have access to blinding devices like coma etc. They too also build reactors but terran and jenny, so except the terran reactors they don't intersect or offer each other anything really. They too have scan/navigate with near the same efficiency in drag thrust/warp and more the scan/spotting superior to aid the PP. They also mine to provide the ores needed for comps. The one thing that the JE brings to the table that nobody else has is wormholes, they can get you around the universe faster, and if you are going to do many missions/jobs you would really desire that.

So for me: the PP/TS seems to be the best fit of all, they compliment each other in combat/builds/skills, what one lacks the other provides to a T.
The singular thing I would choose the JE over the TS is those Wormholes, they are so versatile. But understand you are giving up 1 build (engines), option of range combat (because of beams), and hull patch (if things go wrong in combat). Edited by Mattsacre
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