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Merlin's Ore Field Report

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I love the idea of a friendly mob popping out of a roid to say hi and then following you around. I am also looking forward to watching unattentive miners blast away their new friends that they thought were hostile pop mobs. :lol:

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On 6/15/2010 at 2:31 PM, JoshuaChr said:

Has this been pushed to ST4 yet? I have been trying to find Boronite for my PP to complete the builder mission on Nostrand Vor and in your list (the second one) it says I can find it in Odin Rex. However, after doing a pretty completely exploration of the system, the only ore fields I can find are lvl5 (and in your list is says there are no lvl5s in the system).


On 6/16/2010 at 1:50 AM, Lars said:


Ok, I checked and I did find it. Look about 80k north of the Smugglers Run gate and you will find the crystal field. TTYL :-)


I know that this is an old post AND Merlin (Lars) is now Inactive Staff, but I am now searching for Boronite which is NOT in Crystalline Asteroids, it's in glowing asteroids.  Can anyone update where the best place to find Boronite is?

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Merlin (Lars) are the same, Merlin is old name
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