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TeamSpeak 3


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Hey Everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know we are now supporting TeamSpeak3. The server is on ts.net-7.org Port 9987. This is for TeamSpeak 3 ONLY!

Download it here:


They are doing alot of updates as this is still in Beta



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[13:36:28] Connecting to ts.net-7.org:9987

[13:36:33] No reply from server

Maybe the server is offline

or maybe teamspeak is not running on it

For the time being, play.net-7.org:9987 works as well...

Good News. The DNS updated. It works now.

- Marco

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I would have been on line today on TS3 but due the high winds and weather we are getting here the power was flickering all day so I turned everything off and sat out the wind storm part with everything turnoff,   I am back on now

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