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Kicks back to login screen

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I'm getting no errors the game launches fine the proxy stays up i can get to the character screen but when i click login with a character it goes to loading map 3-5 seconds later back at main login. My main pc is down for upgrades and runs this game fine on win 10 pro my laptop is running win 11 home and i believe it to be the problem i know many have it working on win 11 but that's you not me, running Ryzen 5 6600H with 16 gigs of ddr5 4400mhz with a RTX 3050 4gb vram dedicated card i have globally forced into running all applications since i'm always plugged in. Not sure if any of that matters but put it out there. I've tried all compatibility settings with no luck took me a week to get it running this good before i'd manually had to launch the client and after logging in the proxy would crash so i'd have to end task on the client. I build computers i'm not a software engineer i'm at a loss here on how to fix this.

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Hi Donny47,


I would llove to help you and the easiest/best way would be to get you on discord if you use it. I can pm you  the discord server details.



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What was the fix for this? I just had this start happening today after logging in fine yesterday.


*Edit* I restarted my computer and it seems to work, but unsure what happened.

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