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Guild owned systems?

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Lol, just throwing this idea on to the wall.. may very well not be possible with the client?


A new set of systems that can be owned and maintained by guilds.

At the start the system will be owned by V'rix as this would had been V'rix space?

The system can be taken over by destroying the V'rix space station and defending V'rix forces. Once take over has occurred, the winning guild has to rebuild/maintain the space station using a range of alloys (explorer content) and goods (tradesman content) but also new alloys are required that are only available locally and require a team effort to mine (Warrior Escorts for the explorers).


The space station will be able to provide terminals/shop for 'ship consumables' (attachment buffs that last for a few hours) when fed with minerals, creature parts and goods (content for both warriors, explorers, Tradesmen). 

Slowly over time V'rix will move back into the system till a threshold is met (if population is not kept under control) then the V'rix will attack the space station for control.


It will also be possible for another guild to challenge the  owning guild for control of the system, by paying a war fee (takes money out of the economy) and setting a date/time the war for the station will start. During the time leading from declaration of war to the actual event all opposing players can be attackable (not sure this is possible?).

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Interesting idea. Per the client I think the only way to 'restrict' access to a gate is via faction. All toons that damage the station, when its killed, could be granted +10k faction and enter the gate. Then have that faction reset ever server reset. The biggest problems would be preventing 'farming' of the content but the easiest way around it would be to make a farm-able 'key' the same way one was made for The Warder. It would require a 'fishbowl' type sector and content to be created. Any active Devs interested?


Note: This might be more of a future idea since we have not gotten to the 'sunset' period of game content. There is an additional 2x raids and vrix incursion that needs to occur. The Ardus quest-line would also be nice to have finished first.

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I am not sure that it is feasible since currently the only way to restrict access to a sector or station is through faction levels,  it would probably take a major rewrite to areas on the game that we are not allowed to change .  I may be wrong, I don't know .   But unlike other games where it is being done, Eve for example,  it was written and designed for that to be,  Also Vendetta online,  It was one of the Starting the game considerations  and is written into the code at the start.   EnB predates both and was written so that all players have the opportunity to go everywhere depending on their choices and faction levels 

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Aye, I understand.


lol, I apologise in advance.. as I'm probably simplifying it alot and totally wrong... its a curse of being a developer (Industrial applications).


Glancing at some very old server code(probably changed alot now).. I think that 'void StaticMap::OnTargeted(Player *player)' in NavTypeClass.cpp would probably maybe just need extra check conditions in relation to player guild and probably gates/stations require a new guild owner property.





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