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Was Negotiate always on the Privateer?

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My Privateer is level 90 and the Negotiate skill is ghosted (never trained). Was it added after it was first created?


Note: Haven't played EnB since 2017 due to a gating bug back then. Playing again because I just realized that the bug had been fixed. My guess is that my trade level of 37 would have been a lot higher if Negotiate 5 had been trained.

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Hello ,


My understanding ( that which is limited )is that the negotiate skill only affect credit and not xp except for terran traders who when grouped with one with maxed negotiate skill seem to gain a 19% mission Bonus.


My theorized /practical answer come from this artilce :




trade xp are gained by doing trade actions :


* Selling item to NPC vendors

* Doing trade jobs

*doing trade route between npc

* Trading looted item to another player or alternative other account of your's.




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Mathis Alexander being on the main deck




is not the main NPC mission giver like


Chronos Christopher




and Imperator Brook , who are the NPC which you need to interact with more it seem and the one 

more central to line of sight also being in the lobby.



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