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  1. When typing EBConfig.exe into a Command line, I get an error.
  2. I looked in the database for level 6 Lion Beams. I found them and then clicked on its link to be brought to the build info. Unfortunately the link does not work. It seems to try to go, but then it doesn't do anything. I tried my main computer and the same thing happens. The item links don't work. Please fix this soon. Its a wonderful database. 
  3. I have 9 accounts. Have tried most of them (username and password) and none of them work. Like it was just wiped clean or hacked.
  4. I started here again a few weeks ago. Logged on to my main account and saw my level 0 TT there. Decided that he would be my first goal. Got him to 66 before having fun with other classes. This morning when I tried to log on to the TT I could not. The username and password would not be accepted. When I checked with net-7's site it showed only 7 of 9 my accounts. The TT and JD's account were gone. These were original accounts from the stress test.   Submitted a ticket and the response was that they could only see 5 accounts for my email address. What does that mean? Where are my avatars? The site says that I can have 9 accounts and after them deleting two of them, it says that there are two accounts available.   This has ruined my weekend and my plans with EnB. According to the GM's explanation I may lose two more accounts. How am I to know which ones will get the axe? Can't play this game for hours and hours only to lose that character,   How can I play this game ever again?
  5. This just started the last couple days. When I load the launcher it checks for updates like always, but now it takes a few minutes to complete this (sometimes it never completes it). If it finishes I have tried to reset the updates. It starts to work, but after a while when it asks me if i want to see the update report and I click okay, it freezes up and has to be closed with task manager. Even if I click anywhere on the launcher except the update menu, it says "not responding" next to the version at the top left on the blue bar.
  6. master huh? Shouldn't we call this "player stress test number 4?"
  7. Alright, which one of you tripped over the power cord in the server room? no problem, gives me time to wash the dishes
  8. Will the finished fire be posted or is the first file being changed?
  9. March 28th, 6:40 pm EST Downloaded the Net 7 update and now when I click on PLAY on the launcher I get an error dialog box. Error launching client. Details: Could not create backup of "rg_regdata.ini" file. Details: Access to the path 'C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\Data\client\ini\rgdata.ini.orig' is denied. [b]Update! I tried running the launcher in admin mode, then reset the launcher. It checked all the files in about 2 minutes. Then it allowed me to run it. During the password phase it dropped to desktop. Ran the launcher not in admin and now I am playing [/b]
  10. I only get as far as the map screen (right before you see your ship coming into a base). Sometimes I get to play, but this time it was 3 times in a row that I could not log in. After the map screen it goes to desktop and ends the program.
  11. I actually feel better now -- that its not just my stuff. Just have to wait until the DEV gets back to the job.
  12. [quote name='Ron' timestamp='1300068481' post='36470'] The server is still down? DEVS, were waiting, whats the delay? [/quote] I was playing my Explorer just fine. When I tried to switch to another character I could not get back on. Yea, I wanted to play too
  13. Disregard my previous transmission. The amount told to be transfered showed zero 0.0/? (the 0.0 never went up). However it did transfer into my downloads folder. Now I'm downloading the rest of the files and hope to be joining you soon
  14. Tried to download eandb_demo.exe for the last week. Can't be downloaded. Is the file there anymore or have you given up on the emulator? (players that d/l'ed it left posts that were dated in 2009 and 2010). Would really like to play E&B again.
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