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Progen Privateer "Acquire Menace"

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Anyone has an idea on where to get the needed components for this mission ?


Athanor Standard Mounts

Blackbox G12

Cyclo 50ghz Modulator


From what I gather the first 2 are from drops and the 3rd may be bought.

Problem is I have no Idea where to start.


Many thanks



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BlackBox G12 and Cyclo 50gHz Modulator are sold at Somerled Station, New Edinburgh 





Ragnarok Chavez Capital Ship Chavez Clan Courier 12 CL 30s all around. Be careful.
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If you got build weapon skill at level 2 you can 


dismantle weapon of level 2 from that list for the Athanor Standard mount




If you got build weapon skill at level 2 or a friend who does get the Athanor Standard Mounts by dismantling weapon level 2 with the part in it. Example : Green Dragon Laser M2 , sold at Joves Fury 

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That was a bit of a Menacing mission [ahem], but in the end, I was able to get that parts needed. Something I found last night was that dismantling certain missile launchers will reveal the Athanor part.


[due to the portal being down as of 1/24, 530am; leaving this info here.]

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