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End of Emulator time? Because of the Failed player Promises !

Save the Game / Kill The Game already  

9 members have voted

  1. 1. Time to Fulfll the player promise or let the game Shitdown like before ?

    • Save teh Game here is my 1$ ( or more )
    • I am Sorry , but you can kill the game

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His this the END of hte EMULATOR ? 


I was an Earth and Beyond LIve player ... I LOved the Game , played almost everyday


When the shutdown day came , I was online wishing it was not so , saying goodbye to friend I had made and played with 

for years ... and then it shut down.


I survived , because I am not a life in the game , but life was less fun.


Then one day I found this Emulator ...


I downloaded the game thinking it was just another attempt that was going no where


like so many that had promised a return before.


Just like in live I created a Jenquai Explorer .. thinking it was a small game day with no


real content and probably no warp as i had seen before


The game loads I am on the dock , I have been here before with other attemp


I prepared for failure ...


I UNDOCK and I am in Earth And Beyond space , this feel weird , this feel responsive.


I open the map and point at the farthest Navigation point ...


and the I hit the center button to make it go to WARP...


And then ... I was Back ithe game I loved , with missions , mining , exploring and lots and lots of dying


remeber I said I created a Jenquai explorer and has al new player know the first toon is the hardest ...


This was du to the Emulator volunteer hard work.


Thye had succeeded where many had failed before 


THE DEV and EMU Staff had done there jobs , all volunteer work.




The  Player promise is SIMPLE.


We play the Game , Have fun and speak of the game and invite people to play the game !


We also cover the MINIMUM fee that the Staff ask of us


There is 34 646 Members !!  


This means that if everyone one of us give 1$ we cover the Game for 4 more Years


Things are currently such that we DID NOT cover the last 6 month of 2019 and have not started quarter 1 of 2020


We are still n 2019 as Player promise and Payment is concerned. WE FAILED !!



We CANNOT in good conscience ask the Dev and Developer and GM to do more or really Anything.



UNTIL WE THE PLAYER fulfill the Player promise !!

Unless we want another End of day and game shiutdown , this time forever ...


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After three days back (I was around pre-wipe and then gone for many years) I decided that it was reasonable to donate at the same rate I pay to sub to the subscription-based MMOs I still pay for...and decided a year+  of comparable sub fees was an appropriate donation.  I'm treating the game no differently than I did when I payed a sub...if it's worth playing it's worth paying (in my opinion). Now I'm fortunate to be in a position where I can donate at that level without being really concerned about it...but it doesn't require that.  

If the active players who don't donate today all donate even $10 then it's a start.  

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4 hours ago, CrimsonDawn said:

i make 35k a year i live in the united states after tax and bills i barely have enough to eat on sorry.. 


Donate what you can when you can ... 60$ per year (5$ per month ) is feasible even for you. 


there is 34 646 members .. if everyone gave 1$ the server would be set for 4 years.


Some people give more some give less 



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2 minutes ago, Moulinneuf said:


Donate what you can when you can ... 60$ per year is feasible even for you.


there is 34 646 members .. if everyone gave 1$ the server would be set for 8 and a Half years.


Some people give more some give less 




Yep. It's not right for us to expect the devs to cover the costs themselves.. and especially if we want to ask for new content.. the very least we can do is reach the donation goals.

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