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  1. You all aren't the only ones. I am having the same "INV-300" issue as well. I actually did a clean install on everything. Even to a new drive, and this was after I wiped all the registry settings. No, there is clearly a problem on the Net-7 Emulator server. We need DEV attention on this ASAP. Otherwise, we are down for the count.
  2. Falkor

    Hi all

    UPDATE: WOW. Just got the game installed, and account set-up. It really does work!!! Earth & Beyond Lives !! I got to go away for a bit. When I come back, I'm going to try this thing out. You can count on my support on this game. FOR REAL. Until next time. Fly safe.
  3. Falkor

    Hi all

    I am one of those, who actually played this game when it was in its prime. I loved this game, and never forgot it, after all these years. To illustrate this fact, I managed to still have the original game box and contents to the E&B game, when I bought it off a game store shelf, way back in late year 2000? After the E&B shutdown, I played EVE online as an alternative to nothing and, I did become quite an advanced player in EVE online. However, I never saw the fun in EVE compared to E&B. I actually still remember a lot about the game play of E&B for those who were not around to play it (or were too young to even remember it). Any questions, and I may be able to answer them. I played this game avidly. I may give the emulator a try, but I just wanted to say Hi, and that I am just trying to figure out the operational status of this game. My profile name, is the same as when I played this game. I am not sure what server I played on, but it was either Orion, or Pegasus. Anyway, hope you all are having fun.
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