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JD Rank 2 Bonus Promotion Part 1 bugged?

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[EDIT: This issue is resolved.  Thanks :) ]

Well, a couple of hours worth of step 'n fetchit on this and at the step where I start getting fragments of the 4th Inspiration, Monty DuChamps at F7 has the mission dialogue, agrees to sell it to me, I progress the dialogue, he says it's been a pleasure doing business with me and I get a fragment...but the quest fails to advance to the next step.  Am I missing something obvious?

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  1. Relay Daiki-ya's translation to Master Jhola on Yasuragi, Swooping Eagle Planet, Sirius System. 
  2. Jhola suggests you meditate at the statue of Shigehiro Yasuragi. Find the meditation focus, get very close, and meditate for a while on the meaning of the translation. 
  3. Return to Daiki-ya for any information.
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Hi Moulinneuf,

If I'm reading that correctly I should ignore the 14/19 status and that it's still saying to see Monty and get the fragment from him and just go straight back to Daik-ya regardless?  There's no breadcrumb for the next fragment since it's hung on Monty's step.

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