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Jenqui Projectiles + Jenqui explorer = worth it?

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Thinkin about it, but I remember back in the day everyone sayin if your Jenqui, best thing to do is focus on beams.  But they are such close range that its very difficult to get combat XP solo.  Are the projectiles worth spending points on?

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  1. Jenquai Explorer are the taxi
  2. Jumpstarter rescuer-reviver
  3. miners
  4. group cloaker 
  5. battery with proper devices 


More of a bait class before level 8 - 9 in beams.


Jenquai launchers don't have much range either , plus they cost ammo / space from looting and mining.


I usually do explore mission / jobs / universe tour until 20-22 in explore levels


Then trade jobs and Trade mission , with help from higher toon shooting low levels

and the Ishuan to 61 Cigny Trade route , from trade vendor items. 




Only available in December for Chistmas based events mission , (I use the polar express engine level 5 from the christmas event , https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Christmas_2019 , help , mission start at Belulah Lee in Glenn - F7 in Casino/Lounge help )


Then I do the Low Level skill mission , in the starter newbie zone I have not done yet.


Every other toon / class is literraly better at and for Combat then the Jenquai Exploder , I suggest you prepare to die a lotand explode from being fired at if you still plan on going solo combat first 


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I look forward to all that stuff you say in the first line.  JE ships and the JE music themes are so beautiful.  Thanks for the info.  Bullets are not for me.  :P  

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Projectiles are a trade-off for a Jenquai.  You're trading base weapon damage, not having to carry ammo, and benefit from combat cloak, for greater range (with the right equipment) and no damage penalties if you use beyond 50% range.  They're best used when flying in formation with other characters with longer range weapons.   At max range Beam damage is halved.  If you're just going mining use beams, cloak, and equip for stealth.


IIRC you can get around 7K range with Ninja's Shuriken PLs (Sold at Jove's Fury) and a Heart of the Dark One reactor (drops in Fishbowl; no trade).  This assumes that their locations haven't changed.  Get a builder to rebuild them to 200% for you.  I've used them, in the original game, and Fold Space L3 (Teleport Enemy) compliments them.  If it hasn't changed, Fold Space L3, will teleport enemies away from you; and unless they resist, they'll appear in front of your ship.  The Ninja's Shuriken is a funny looking weapon on your ship.  It's huge & pink.  I used 2 of them, and a different PL for the center weapon.  Unfortunately I cannot remember what the 3rd PL was.


Fold Space L3 & the Heart of the Dark One reactor are a must if you want to use PLs and they'll be a specialty situational weapon.  Most of the time you'll be using beams.

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If you're starting from scratch don't worry about PLs until you've reached L150 & put your key skills to appropriate levels.


Important Skills:

Prospect: max

Shields: max

Reactor: max

Beams: max

Jumpstart: max

Devices L8 or L9

Cloak: At least L5; preferably L7

Engines: At least L6; max later

Navigate: At least L5; ideally max

Scan: At least L5 (Group See Cloak) preferably L7 (Group sees everything you do)

Shield Leech L5 (Group Leech)

Environment Shield L3 or better.

Fold Space L3 (Teleport Enemy)

Wormhole at least L4 (Valkyrie Twins) should just max it.

Extended WH max


Some key equipment growing up:

Kraken/Unicorn reactors for travel

Gallina, Draco, Cygnus reactors everything else

Ocelot/Lion/Jaguar beam lines.

Coma: Blinds enemies, use in solo play

Engines: get 2 sets, one for travel, the other for everything else.  Solar Sails good growing up, and at L8.  Halley if you don't have Solar Sails

Chimaera: debuff plasma.  (use Ocelot/Lion/Jaguar beams)

Use Terran shields Tada-O series X, Y, Z L2-L7.  Get Veiled Oyoroi at L8 for general purpose use.

Lazarus (warp engage/cooldown time shortened)

RoadRunner+  Travel device increase warp speed.

Sextans line of devices Scan range (activate)

Antila line of devices (shield to reactor transfer; self)

"animal skin/hide" (Terran manufacture)  Various resistances (activated)

Harpy line of devices (tractor beam speed)

There's a line of mining devices that are necessary but I can't think of it's name.


There are others.  Look for buffs to stealth, scan, mining.

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Agree to disagree Terrell , your solution entail that


  • Be level 150
  • Be in a group of 150 Combat Class for support
  • Be a High level player who make key to GR and survive it and get Dibs on HotDo
  • Be in a high level guild with player who show up and know how to defeat GR and Fishbowl Bosse's
  • Be a Jenquai Defender or Jenquai Seeker 

From lore the Projectile are the Progen weapon that Jenquai stole from them to use against them


Unlike Terran who revert engineered the Agrippa project with better engine.


The Pojectile Launcher's on Jenquai and for Jenquai are pretty much absent and / or useless.


Even from the Dev perspective who introduced special shield and weapon for other Race/ Class : 


Even the Mars Poject as TWO level of beam for Jenquai Eplorer but no projectile offer ( it offer one level 9 for Progen Sentinel at level 9 only )


BUt Wait there is More : the Buff on Level 8 Projectile Launcher that work on Jenquai explorer are mostly :






Suggestion would be :

  1. Aggrippa style Missions for Jenquai that include really great level 1 to 8 Projectile Launcher research with incredile ammo too
  2. Dedicated Mission for Jenquai Projectile per Class , per levels.
  3. Unique Jenquai Rewards of Projectile Launchers of level 8 ( or 1 to 8 )
  4. Some Ceres Weapon Master from the Chavez faction who hate Progen but love Jenquai or / and Jenquai Explorer with PL rewards.
  5. Special ammo research missions for existing PL that are Jenquai or Jenquai Explorer only. 


Sorry Spot for taking over your question / thread.



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