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Is There a Wowhead-like Resource


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Hello all,


Taking another swing at EnB.  Is there a resource similar to Wowhead for EnB where I can find detailed information on the game’s mechanics?  Specifically, I’d like to know more about the skill point system (general info, builds, pitfalls to avoid, info on re-speccing if this is possible).


I’m keen to take my time with the game and enjoy it, but I’d really like to avoid making irreversible mistakes with my toon.


Thanks!  See you in the black!



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A PS can call forward any points mistakes you make so everything is changeable for you, this way you can try different skills to see if you like them, if not, call forward is your friend :)

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Aside from the Net-7 wiki which is a great resource, there are a few external sites with guides and what not left over from the original game.  Also for gear and how to build it the item database on the net-7 site is really great.  Use the search function to discover what types of gear are available at given levels.    It'll tell you where vendor buyable stuff is, list builders for stuff that can be player made, but won't tell you where to go to get mob-dropped stuff -- for that check the Drop pages on the net-7 wiki.


The difference between info on the net-7 website/item database and the wiki is the wiki is source from the player community, and the net-7 site is from the devs who want to leave it up to the players to discover where things are and what to do.


Also asking in new player chat or general chat in-game can often get a lot of advice from players.




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