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Replacing enbmaps.de

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Hi Dev Team,


I am considering creating a more up-to-date version of enbmaps.de, depending on the amount of work involved.. I'm a web developer and thinking I might be able to do it using the HTML canvas element. However, I obviously wouldn't want to do it all manually (imagine the time involved in finding the coordinates of each nav point and adding it manually to the canvas).. Is it possible to get hold of some nav point data from you guys that I can use? Even if it's just a simple CSV file I can import.


I hope you don't mind me posting this request under General, but I couldn't find a more appropriate topic.



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Thanks guys. Scraping is one idea, but more of a last resort, because enbmaps is out of date in many places. The first that comes to mind is "Roc". I am hoping that the devs have access to the nav point data and can simple export it from whatever native format it is in to CSV. Perhaps this is not possible, but I would be surprised. Let's wait and see what they say before resorting to scraping out-of-date data from enbmaps.de.

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Well you can also get the data by exploring the zone and then going to the maps section in net-7 portal, but it doesn't show hidden navs, and it only shows navs a given character has explored.


Another way to go is once explored it, target all the navs and hit control-T on them to get their coords, then log out and extract it all out of your chat log text file.  


Again, I've got the data, and/or have ways to get what I'm missing.   At this point its more of putting in the effort to just finish the project.





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