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Mouse "click-choice" not working on second monitor.

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Hello, everyone.

Great game and great Team who's ported this game to us. Thanks

I have 2 monitors same build (asus vw246h) and I'm using windows pro seven.

Main monitor nr.1 in front of my keyboard, second monitor nr.2 on the LEFT.

When I launch the client (through launchnet7), it load on main monitor (nr.1), thus I can "click" "name" square, "account management" square, "accept" square with no problem.
When I move the "client" windows on the LEFT 2nd monitor (nr.2), the mouse respond, but I can't choose any square any more.

If I move the 2nd monitor to the RIGHT of the main monitor and I choose in Windows prefs main monitor nr.1 to the left place and 2nd monitor to the right place. Then the client moved in the 2nd monitor accept any mouse command.
If I leave the 2nd monitor on the LEFT of the main monitor and I change the above in windows preference, I need to "play" with the mouse "LEFT-MAIN-MONITOR" to the "2ND-RIGHT-MONITOR", not easy.

I can't put the 2nd monitor and the RIGHT, my desk is not big enough and there is a wall on my right shoulder, I can only use the 2nd monitor placed LEFT and the main monitor placed in front of me.

Well, the only temporary solution I have found is, before playing, in windows prefs select 2nd monitor on my LEFT to be the main monitor and the main monitor to be the 2nd one.
Then I can play with 2 client at the same time.


Do You have any gentle solution, or is it a mechanism of the game calling variable on the "TRUE" left X;Y mouse game-windows calling ?

Thanks in advance.





The problem seems to come from the call of the mouse selection when in the LEFT 2nd screen, it need to be on the MAIN LEFT ORIGINAL MONITOR, to work, otherwise need to "physically" change the monitors.

It is in the software call (client.exe), the game client-side "wait" for a mouse-press-selection and there is not keyboard-press equivalent found. So I'm stuck with my temporary above solution, for now .


Cheers. ;))

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since it isn't mentioned anywheres. are you running it in windowed mode? should be able to do whatever you want with them once they run in that mode (to my experience)


also might want to have a look in Wolfie's topic:



even if you never use the macro stuff, its a great way to launch the clients and devide it across your 2 screens automagically. (works with 1920x1080 just fine)



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Thanks for your reply,


Yes, I've tested windowed mode and full screen too, both, the mouse "wait" for a call on the upper-left-XY. Wich is in my case the "slave-monitor-to-the-left".

I've tested multiple macros methods too, "mouse-calls" seems to be "hardcoded" in the game for XY-positioning in the upper left, my config "slave-monitor-to-the-left" + "main-monitor-to-the-right" dosen't work with the XY-positioning from the mouse-calls, I can't modify the executable to "switch" for the mouse positioning to the upper-right instead of the far-left as of normal mouse-windowed-calls are made sometime to the middle of main screen for programming purpose.

For example "GetWindowPlacement" and "ClientToScreen" functions dimensions are given in screen coordinates that are relative to the upper-left corner of the screen, cf. the abscissa in programming language.


I was hoping to find a way to bypass the mouse-calls relative to the main-monitor and not the abscissa pointing to the upper-left windows coordinates.


Any way, thanks for your patience. ;))


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ah sorry, not too helpful then.


i would recommend dropping a reply in Wolfie's topic, maybe he'll have an idea (and has notifications for his thread enabled)


not too familiar (at all) with al the coding/programming language, but you would expect negative X- values for a slave monitor on the left then?


tonight ill try swapping my own secondary screen to the left in device properties and see what happens, bit curious now actually since i had intended to get a 3rd LCD hooked up







i did a simple swap of the screen to the left side of the main screen, and it is indeed unresponsive, the only thing being registered is the "mouseover" action complete with audio feedback. but name field & password quit /accountmgmt /accept are all unresponsive when you click them.




edit 2:


the AHK loading script is loading the second client on -1920x0 , so your "upper left"  theory seems to be correct, it''s not something related to AHK it seems either.


there must be somewhere around here that has a 3 screens, or a screen on the lefthand side of the main LCD?


i was planning the below setup, which to me, would make the most sense? im going to have to rethink this


[ client 1 or 2 ]   [ main client]   [client 1 or 2]



needing the mainscreen to be on the leftmost is a bit of a deal-breaker. (and having to move to the right side of the main LCD to reach the leftmost LCD , is sure to get you plenty of XP debt..




edit 3:


moderate succes now, should be workable with 2 screens atleast, not for my intended 3 screen setup though. 2nd windowed client manually dragged to the left side. all buttons okay.


completely overlooked the settings in the GPU-vendor controlpanel instead of windows settings. (Credits : Kazper)


nvidia:  surround config : span

amd : hydra grid?


so you'll have a 3840x1080 desktop, instead of extending it via windows settings.


think i will have to resort to a 4k screen myself as secondary so i dont get overlap with 5 alts. was hoping i could position one alt on the screen left of my main screen, could technically manually launch 6 clients in varying resolutions and drag em where i wanted (and hope none crash, or disconnect)


/back to my original setup :)









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Great, thanks for testing, I've been in the same situation with video card (switching from AMD and NVIDIA) 1 card at a time in the pc, with-and-without surrounding/hydra mode and Windows mode too.

You mention "...needing the mainscreen to be on the leftmost is a bit of a deal-breaker..." I've tested with other games, it works no-prob's, the mouses-calls are plenty recognized, I only have this "blank-click-the-mouse-not-responding" in EAB.


I'm going to modify my phisical Desktop to put the my config "main-monitor-to-the-left" + "slave-monitor-to-the-right" in your case-scenario 5 client-3-monitor  ?

[ main 0 ] [ client 1+2 ] [client 3+4].


Has I found in some topic here in the forum this happens before "...Always make your left most monitor your main display in display properties to keep the error from happening where you cannot click inside the alt windows with your mouse..."


By the way, I've made a small modification in the macro's to force the screen-rez of each client to almost fit 5 alt + 1 main in 2 monitor scenario [main+alt1+alt2] + [alt3+alt4+alt5] when my config "main-monitor-to-the-left" + "slave-monitor-to-the-right". But still strange not to be able to keep config "slave-monitor-to-the-left" + "main-monitor-to-the-right".


See you in the game...



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My experience is that the client does not like the display to the left of the main one. Something to do with negative pixel coordinates. Consider the clients age as the reason.


Because of this, my setup uses that monitor on a KVM to other boxes, and possible VM's on those boxes. Local stuff, I run on the main, and right display. I also have an upper, smaller monitor, that is used mainly for tools and small apps.

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Umm sorry if this sounds dumb but, make the screens as per normal, left, middle, right. Then pick up the middle monitor and put it to the left and left monitor in the middle.

Wouldn't that fix your problem? Middle monitor (was left monitor) = main.

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Overtkill, thanks for pointing the KVM solution or maybe 2 video cards, I will give a try. 

Spa, changing the "virtual" place, make the mouse going from the main-monitor to the left-monitor going on the "right" move to reach the left-monitor and vice-versa, amazing,  but too time consuming and left-right-center brain coordination speed in combat is Hard. I've tested too this but as Overtkill mentioned earlier the negative pixel coordinates is the culprit. I'll have to simply reorganize my physical Desktop to play more than one character if needed.

Thanks to You.


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Interesting theory. I am left handed (use right hand for mouse control) and I use 2 monitors. my main monitor is in front of me and the left side is my second.


Using Hurons multi client loader and ACTools 5.5.1. I put 2 accounts on the left and 2 on the front (middle? / Main?).


One of the accounts on the front monitor is my main avatar, the other 3 are used as required, be it cbt, worming, RTS and/or summoning, I don't have any problems playing EnB this way.


For day to day use (rare) I use the front monitor. 

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Spa, is the ACTools 5.5.1 the macro software ? (by the way I am ambidextrous)


Ok, as a reminder, here a summary of my problem;

left-monitor = alt character => mouse is not working for selection.

main-monitor (in the center) = main daily working monitor and main character => mouse working.

With all other games, no problem, only EAB this happens.

In desktop_0.png is my actual positon not easy to modify.desktop_0.thumb.png.bc545b3e0aacf39a9e033ad948338103.png

In EAB_0.jpg this my default configuration, main monitor in front with windows icons+keyboard and Main character, left monitor only the alt character.

The mouse doesn't work for selection.EAB_0.thumb.jpg.e73624b12f466df22df127ba15c6053f.jpg


In EAB_1.jpg I switched the virtual position of the screen, but not the monitor, it works, but to access the left-monitor I have to move the mouse to the right ;)

(wich I mention earlier, is hard in a space fight...)EAB_1.thumb.jpg.842a25814a2dabde1b6ab56f2f545578.jpg


In EAB_2.jpg I switched the virtual main-monitor to become the slave-monitor, see icons and start bar.EAB_2.thumb.jpg.e0ce389eebc51c09b1ac19611b2de115.jpg

I need to play turning my head if I want to access my desktop-icons.

This is my temporary working solution to play with alt in good screen-rez.


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Yes link below




My son is Ego, plays now and then, he moved onto new games, so I have access to all his toons and his coding :)

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Interesting problem. I play on 1920 x 1080 monitors but I use windows mode 1280 x 800 with 3 per screen. I see where you mention moving right to access left screen, I was doing that automatically, now you mentioned it I notice it and now I seem to be getting in a mess. Thanks a lot lol.


Edit : All night I kept getting muddled, so I moved my desk configuration around and now use monitor in front as main and the second to the right now, don't know why I didn't start this way, Guess left handed syndrome heh.

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