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Wiki login issues

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Special char in username gives problems. Forum has historically done unholy things for username/password which wiki auth plugin tries to replicate and obviously failing. Your only option is to change forum display name.

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12 hours ago, Kyp said:

Aeggyts: = muther?


Aeggys (without the "t")

is derived from the ancient name of my town of birth: Aegyssus/Tulcea(today)

the Aegyssus Celtic Fortress ( Legendarily founded by Caspios Aegyssos )

(taking a breath ..) 

Although some are arguing that Caspios Aegyssos could have been of the Roxolani (Sarmatian) tribe...

Anyway by 417 BC, Aegyssus became a Classic Greek commercial colony.

(recovering from a heart attack, with soooooo much typing... ) 

And by the end of AD 200, a Roman Municipium ...

(a complex social contract, that derives its name from inter citizen/rulers relations;  not that similar put it inspired the word: Municipality in English)

Soon a registered 2500 years old Town  



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