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  1. Do not forget to compatibility to Windows XP service pack 3 ( 3 !!! ) the installation is win xp service pack 2 !!! by default ! had the exact same problem , but I could see Megan though ...
  2. Account Vault ? I have the Personal Vault in-game While logging-in when Megan asks for password , there is Account Management: but that is a dead end , since is related to the EA... ... edit : just found the Net7 portal (face palm), then my avatars, then inventory, then that I can access the Vaults of my Avatars I can see all my items of all my avatars in their respective Vaults (two so far) It says under the vaults : "Download inventory in CSV format" I downloaded that ... But now I am blocked , have no idea what to do further, to transfer from one vault to the other ... help... ........ Found it ( I am such a drama ...) Account Vault; Select avatar to transfer from Select avatar to transfer to thus yeah ... sorry about this ...
  3. Aeggys (without the "t") is derived from the ancient name of my town of birth: Aegyssus/Tulcea(today) the Aegyssus Celtic Fortress ( Legendarily founded by Caspios Aegyssos ) (taking a breath ..) Although some are arguing that Caspios Aegyssos could have been of the Roxolani (Sarmatian) tribe... Anyway by 417 BC, Aegyssus became a Classic Greek commercial colony. (recovering from a heart attack, with soooooo much typing... ) And by the end of AD 200, a Roman Municipium ... (a complex social contract, that derives its name from inter citizen/rulers relations; not that similar put it inspired the word: Municipality in English) Soon a registered 2500 years old Town
  4. Aeggys

    updated map

    Oh that ... Face palm ! Thank You
  5. This is to send components from one owned character to annother right ? Cannot be done through a own made Quilt ? Then changing Characters and placing desired components in common Quilt Vault, to be used by another owned character ? (there is a Quilt Vault ? or only player Vault ?) I will try to make a Quilt ... Am I allowed to make a Guilt ?🤤
  6. Aeggys

    updated map

    Thank you Mauiman , extremely useful sites !!! I see that in-game I cannot, for instance access/activate some gates : As a TE , in Earth I cannot activate Equatorial Earth and High Earth; Is this a 'bug" or am I missing something ? (I am sure I am missing something ...lol) 😎
  7. the "last" 6th just to be sure !!!
  8. ...my forth ( sorry about this ) 😪
  9. Thank you Wanderinone ; I did that and I am in the Game !!! Thank You so much mate !!! You rock ! (I hope it all goes well)
  10. I apologies for perhaps choosing the wrong forum to post this: ...help? cannot log in to play the actual game: Megan is asking me: enter EA member name enter EA Password I give those of my Earth and Beyond Emulator account (right ?) And are not good ... what am I doing wrong ?
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