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client stuck while hunting in group in Arduinne

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I was multiboxing a group of 6, hunting Strand Vultures in Arduinne.   One of my clients -- zargJE -- got 'stuck' -- it was still in formation, still online and in group.  However it was frozen and not moving with the group -- to that client's view.  The rest of the properly-working clients saw that one still in formation. I could send receive messages to that character but they would not show on it.  Messages sent out from the character were never seen.    I could do actions within the 'stuck' game client that didn't involve server communication, like open/close inventory and character info -- so it appeared working just not communicating to server.  Eventually got tired of this, having run out of ideas on what to test,  and just /quit out to gather and upload this proxylog.


This is an interesting failure mode that I've seen all too often in raids on the play server too, where one client just gets stuck. sometimes it recovers, sometimes it doesn't.  But its super annoying while its happening...




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Interesting update. When I logged the character back in, it was back in the asteroid field where I was hunting when it got 'stuck', and  not near the group in the safe empty-space spot near the planet where I was testing what was wrong with it / hoping it would recover before finally /quit-ing it out.





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seems the server dropped it and it wasn't logged out on the server -- ergo, it didn't move from that spot.  I'm mildly surprised that, when you logged back in, that 'toon wasn't at the default login location [which I don't know the location of in Arduinne since there's no station there ... I do know that the default location is next to the station in systems that have stations -- it has happened to me often enough.]


i'm thinking a bug report would be in order


might be caused by lost packets in the Internet between your location and the server in Florida ... if so, there's really nothing much can be done about it.

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Proxy log indicates that one of the networking threads deadlocked.

Looking back through this code, I don't see how it could have deadlocked so I added extra logging to all of the relevant code to try and figure out what happened.


This is the first time that this has shown up in a log so I'm quite clueless without it happening again with extra logging.



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