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Thanks, we haven't changed a thing since yesterday.

While it may seem that there are no issues like these, in networking you may find that some experiences don't always work the way you think they would. This is why we are looking for packet captures from affected parties and timeframes. The logs do not suggest anything out of the ordinary on the server system or our firewall.

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Count me in also. Unable to stay connected for more than a few minutes. So far, all tested toons affected.


Asus G75VW laptop running Win10  Home 64 bit Core i7-3630QM CPU @  2.4GHz with 12 gig RAM


1. Is this happening when changing sector or also while sitting still in a sector (test this if nessecary plz)

    Seems to happen after a few minutes, regardless of what I may be doing. standing still in station, debarking and standing in space.

2. Is the first login sequence working normally?

    Yes, although occasionally, the Connecting to Server box displays for longer than usual

3. If this happens, is there any kind of message?

4. What is the proxy's state (hover the icon of net-7 proxy in the tray) when this happens?

     Shows Fully logged in, until I try to leave station, then switches to Awaiting Master handoff

5. When you restart the launcher/client, is everything ok again?

    For another few minutes

6. What access-provider are you using and what line?

     Charter cable. Belkin AC1900 router, firmware updated.


dmp file created once client went unresponsive, but still showed Fully Logged in: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kxmpnq0dwubtogi/client.DMP?dl=0


dmp file created after attempting to leave station, once proxy returned Awaiting Master handoff: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iwepe8qanczeqdn/client (2).DMP?dl=0


Currently performing a fresh install on my wife's desktop to test. Will update this post when that finishes.


Update: same behavior on her machine, which is custom built, running Win10 Home. I can post the specs if required, but it doesn't sound like a machine issue.


Update: attached packet capture data.capture.pcapng




OK issue apparently solved now. When I got home from work my daughter told me that she couldn't stay connected to WoW. Our HULU and other streaming stuff was fine though. Changed the IPv6 setting on my router to a 6to4 tunnel, and everything seems kosher now.

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I saw something similar with a mobile game I played. I had to disable the feature on a new router my ISP brought out in order to make the game work without incredible extra lags when it was transitioning between screens.

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Hey All,

I love E&B, it's been several years since I last used the emulator. Been trying to get it going again but am having no luck. Any tips for getting E&B going in 2019? Sorry if I missed an obvious answer. Not having luck searching on the issue. I'm looking for specific steps on how to get EnB to work on windows 10?

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ensure the game is downloaded and installed (the original install disks work,  DO NOT Repeat DO NOT use the EA Enb Launcher IT WILL NOT WORK,  down load and install the Net-7 EnB Launcher from the Net-7.org Portal page under the Main tab then the Downloads menu choice.  

always run this Launcher to play the game.  it will update the launcher and the game the first time you launch it,  if you do not have a game account or a forum account Go the the ENB Emulator Forums and create an account  this same account will be used to access the NET-7.org Portal page, once you are on the portal page if you do not have a game account, you will need to create on under the accounts tab,  use this info to sign in the game, The portal page will show all your accounts and avatars on your current Email (future reference) if you have an account go to game and sign in you may need to link the account under the account tab o the portal page 


this is just a quick response i hope it helps


Woodstock HGM




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