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Terran Scout Mission help

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Sorry don't recall name of the mission and servers restarting atm but it's the one where you have to go to Arduinne planet and talk to the lady at the Research Essence Lab and she asks you to get her 3 parts.  Okay well that's all the mission says, bring her 3 parts, which 3 parts is that and where might I find them?

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1. Gather: L4 Electro D4 Superinducer, L7 Quark Quantum brain 360, L7 Nova Armored Vault, 5x Decayed Jenquai Heads, 5x decayed Progen heads, and 5x Decayed Terran Heads. 3 cartons of eggs (Somerland station).You will also need to get 3 ammo samples of each of these , Masaaki's Fire (Joves Fury) / Popper Pellets (Jagerstadt) /  Zieg's Apprentice (Arx Magister).All items apart from the Eggs are tradable so you can send a JE shopping if you like . ABA asteroid AA-244 in center for heads. cl 13 for all three types (these are east of nav) cl 10 (these are around the nav for progen/jenquai . Vendors for comps (I used Jupiter and F7 )
2. Travel to Margessi Station and speak to India van Helkein-Navarre for the 'Bite the Bullet' mission. 3. Travel to Ishuan station and speak to the Dr. H'neydoo in the lounge. This will give you the "Green Inititive : Why did the chicken cross". (I went from Kailaasa to Yokan to Castor system.) 4. Go to Arduine planet and talk to the Essence Research Lab (it is behind the gate after you enter). 5. Give the 3 components that you collected earlier to the lab. Be sure to respond with " I've learned not to mess..." 6. Return to Dr. H'neydoo on Ishuan station. 7. Speak to Mr. Beeker in the same room. 8. Talk to Mr. Beeker again. He will give you the mission "Green Initiative : You'd forget your head if it was't attached" 9. Travel to Jagerstadt City in alpha centauri on Zweihander planet. Speak to Dr. Sacha Ileiko. (You may need to move the heads in inventory to update the mission) 10. Kill the large blue plant outside the city located 5km south of earthcorp research station ~15min timer. Name of blue plant is 'Audrey the Weed Popper' 11. Return to Dr. Sacha Ileiko to update the mission.Now purchase 3 Popper Pellet samples (get the other ammo samples when you wish but before you get to part 19 ) 12. Go to Endiago planet and talk to Ioanna-J Deinon in lounge. 13. Use the wormhole on endrigo planet to go to Risco moon. Once there scan the getco sleeper ship. 14. Return to Porvenir Mons on Endrigo planet and talk to Ioanna-J Deinon in the lounge to get your first sample. (you may need to move around your heads if the mission does not update) 15. Travel to Paren station (via Somerled for eggs) and talk to Hsing Fu'un.(main room) 16. Talk to Hsing Fu'un again. 17. Return to Ishuan station and talk to Mr. Beeker. 18. Talk to Dr. H'neydoo 19. Return to India vam Helkein-Navarre . Talk to her a few times , you may need to move the ammo around in your cargo . 20. Mission complete , new skill obtained 

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This thread may have been from 5 years ago, but if Prrekoorb is still around, thanks a tonne for the guide. You probably saved me another night or two of busywork.

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