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  1. This thread may have been from 5 years ago, but if Prrekoorb is still around, thanks a tonne for the guide. You probably saved me another night or two of busywork.
  2. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1301605394' post='37987'] Delete the file it identifies and run another download, that should replace it with a valid one. That message means one of the files has a bad hash. [/quote] The file it identifies is LaunchNet7.exe.tmp. Deleting it doesn't seem to help. I've tried another new install of Net7, using the proxy posted in this thread, and then deleting that file, but no luck thus far. Thanks for having beared with me on this. Between attempts, is there something else I should be doing to uninstall Net7 besides running the uninstall file in the E&B folder and then deleting the Net7 folder? I've wondered if this is complicating things. EDIT: The game actually launches despite all this. I'll be quiet now
  3. [quote name='C Del' timestamp='1301563850' post='37926'] Try everything here: https://enb-emulator.com/index.php?/forum-56/announcement-13-read-first-technical-support-faq-and-common-fixes/ (especially Force Update) [/quote] I'm getting a new one now: "cannot update. downloaded file is invalid"
  4. [quote name='Jarod' timestamp='1301514634' post='37862'] FYI, this AM I was able to apply the latest patch updates (from 319 to 320 on one machine and 317 to 320 on the other) and both comps were able to log in and, more importantly, stay in. [/quote] That did the trick. Thanks a ton! It'll be interesting to see if its still good after the next update.
  5. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1301498524' post='37826'] Go into your Net7\bin folder whereever you installed it, delete the Net7Proxy.exe and force another update,. this should force it to be replaced with the current version. [/quote] Thanks, tried this, but sadly no luck. The problem is identical to that of SpacePW
  6. [quote name='benjiroo' timestamp='1301442768' post='37737'] finally fixed it, reinstalled the launcher, reset updates, auto updated, auto restarted, launch! lonewolffe, corp mayhem [/quote] I had the same issue today, and did the same things. Infact I reinstalled Net7 several times, but still get the same "not 2.04" version error, so I'm stumped.
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