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Jenquai Needs a little Love?

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So just a few thoughts..

First off prefixing this with a big dose of love for the Devs and Gms for their hard work.. this aint a bitching or a negative post in anyway shape or form, and also with an acknowledgement that i'm not a particularity very knowledgeable player having played live and the emu for awhile but by no means an expert.


But im just wondering on if there is a consensus on if the Jenqaui classes could do with a little extra love and a bit of a re balance. 


In short from discussions and from what i've witnessed i wonder if all three classes are a little under powered.. My reasoning being thus.


1. Raids (power management/Debuffing). :- Now the jenqaui by design arent meant to be combat orientated of the three races, However, they have been designed to have a place in a big raid/ hunting group either as the support class (je/jt) providing power and debuffs/buffs) or as a glass cannon in the JD.

As it currently stands however there is very little they bring to the party and thus (optimal groups dont include them) and they can struggle to get into any group. With the other classes now much more able to manage their own power (with the right equipment./setup) and debuffing/buffing not being that specific to a class as everyone seems to have debuff capabilities and buffing pre fight) they really struggle to actually bring anything and are dropped in-favour of more damage output or another tt healer.

WIth the exception of the JD and summon they dont seem to have a purpose and this should be balanced slightly imo. The strength of this wonderful game is the cooperation and balance between the simple classes, but i believe that this is current broken.


2. JE (Mining exploring). :-  If the Projen are the Warriors , the terrans are the traders (healers) then the Jenquai are meant to be the explorers/miners.. Therefore the JE should be the be all or end all of mining. However after a number of discussions it would seem that the general (although small sample size) consensus is that a TS will outmine a JE if equipped right..? im wondering if this plays out across a wider opinion and if so , surely this is wrong.. Otherwise what does the JE bring as a choice of toon, other than Taxi service of the WH.. I know its covered by previous points but the lack of the special skill in compulsory contemplation also hurts the JE when the other classes have theirs..

(ps im totally biased as the JE was always my favorite class, but the point should still stand) 

3. JT. (confused) :- To me still seems a weak and confused class, not bringing anything to a group (beams + cc + shield recharge) in a formation just dont seem to mesh well... and their survivability for a healer gaining aggro so quickly means that she is just not effective in anway way.. Reactor recharge just doesnt actually mean that much, especially when compared against other class skills , especially as its meant to be its unique skills and the afore mentioned power management or lack there of.  


4. JD ?:-  interested to hear thoughts but as i'm still leveling one i cant attest other than to repeat that its been badly nerfed compared to live and can now be easily matched and surpassed by the PW in terms of damage output.. so only really brings summon to a party.. Surely this shouldn't be the case. The JD playing the traditional rogue class should require skillful play but deal the most damage whereas the PW should be the classic tank but less damage character.??? 

5. Devices. :- So to me the strengths of having cloak and devices seem to be negated somewhat.. I cant honestly say that the devices available to the Jenquai classes are any better than those to the terrans/projen and even the number of slots available dont make much of an advantage when people hot-swap, buff up and then go into a battle.. so having more slots is not soo much of an advantage. Its entirely possible that im missing something, but i cant remember a time when playing as a Jenquai toon of any type that bringing a device or devices made any difference.. and the only question ever asked is did you bring the chim / chilli.. Surely its these classes arent meant to be just a chim/chilli holder. Maybe this is an issue that is only really prevalent because so many people have soo many toons now that are very high level and very well equipped, but even at this stage of Player/ toon / equipment maturity this shouldn't be the case and should require a server /toon wipe for jenquai device strength to be relevant again. 

6. Cloak :- Minor issue but the glass shields of Jenquai is counter balanced by Cloak(and maybe deflect see below).. this requires more skill but and is a challenge/reward in its own right. however the increasing number of mobs that see through cloak is negating this balance and making whole areas of content unbalanced again. Now there is the argument that a cloaking JD can solo any mob that cant see through cloak given time , and this is maybe incorrect.. but having Mobs negate this without any balance surely has to be wrong when its already balance by (or should be) power drain etc. Maybe a simple solution would be a % chance to see through cloak rather than just a flat your cloak is worth shit would be a finer balance (no i have no idea if this is code possible, just spit balling ideas here)


7. Deflects :- again i get the impression that this was something that in live was never fully implemented or balanced, but again the lack of raw shield/hull power was possibly meant to be balanced by Deflects? however this doesn't really seem to make that much of a difference at the higher levels.. and Rally on the TE just seems to be so over powered in that the TE has better buff + hack + Bio + Missiles that the Jenquais are again surpassed.


Whilst this game should never aspire to others as its uniqueness and brilliance is what keeps us all coming back.. equally its undeniable that similarities cannot be ignored and that each class naturally maps onto the traditional archetypes, 

Therefore if we apply the following logic.


PW :- tank class . barbarian etc.

PP :-  Healer /Tank Hybrid :- Paladin class?

PS :- Not sure on this class..


TT :- Pure Healer class ; Cleric?  but actually its missiles and ability to take damage is more like a paladin..

TE :- Debuff/ class :- So necromancer style class but also able to take and receive damage..

TS :- Id suggest that this class is closest to the traditional Ranger style play.. decent range damage for kiting, has minor healing and has some tricks in debuffing (hacking) 


JD :- Back stab /raw damage :- Rogue (although as mentioned above has been nerfed)

JE :- ?? Should be all about its devices and ability to buff/ debuff but this not the case and is not needed. Power management its its traditional Live benefit but doesnt apply current as discussed above.

JT :- ?? - Would actually make sense to be the Pure Cleric.. So should be the superior healer/buffer but weak damage output and takes damage easily.. However as discussed not the case.



Interestingly that unless i'm mistaken there is the distinct lack of a mage style (raw ranged damage but weak as shit) character although the most obvious would be the TS with the ranger class moving over to the PS.. However what is clear is that the Jenquai would appear to get the short end of the stick neither fullfillig their roles or having no role to fill with current setup..


Just my random thoughts, as i wonder if this is my inexperience or if there is some truth to them. 



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I'm afraid I have to disagree with you.
Ask just about anyone, I am the Jenquai.
Ask yourself, What roll will my character play today?
Then equip your Jenquai accordingly.
DON'T equip your Jenquai for any combination of trade, mining, support, energy and combat.

You heard the saying "Go big or go home". deck out your Jenquai fully for the task at hand.

The Jenquai Explorer has the biggest array of equip-able devices in the game.
No other mining class has the survive-ability of the Explorer in an hostile environment, while mining.
With the addition of the additional wormholes, choosing a place to mine and fight with a "Improved Wormhole" device,
make playing a JE much more fun.
Make sure you have a Coma device installed if your in a combat scenario, it should (soontm) negate the "See Cloak" of some mobs.

The Jenquai Seeker, IMO is one of the best healers in terms of survive-ability.
Add some the Jenquai only, Trader "only" equipment like the Chimaera's AND the Manticore's you have a very versatile
The Jenquai Seeker can heal-cloak-heal-cloak works the same way as the way Fire-cloak-fire-cloak in that it
wipes aggro just long enough for your Warrior or the main group healer to grab back the mobs aggression.

The Jenquai Defender has the highest BURST DPS in the game.
The Jenquai Defender has nearly an infinite amount of energy while in combat.
A Jenquai Defender can steal (If need be) the Aggession from ANY character class in the game.
The Defender can supply EVERY players character in group with energy simultaneously within a 5k range of the Defenders target.
The Defender uses the Energy Drain-Cloak like they would Fire-cloak.

I'm going to provide you two links for your next Jenquai that your working on (Jenquai Defender).
The second link will help you equip your character for the task at hand.
Defenders Guide
This next link you have to log on to the site with the same information you use to enter the forums.

Click on the character you want to equip or test and then click on the weapon, engine, reactor, device or shield then replace
the item with something from your wish list. You'll have to play around with the app until you get use to it's use.
This is fun in itself.

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Just my opinion here...

1) Raids - your premise that optimal group setups don't include jennies is faulty (that's not to say it's not possible, but it won't be an optimal group in most instances).  Power management is still a problem for Terrans (again, it's not to say they can't be self sufficient but their effectiveness will drop to maybe 80% of what it could be if they had a jenny supplying them with power).

Buffing is very specific to certain classes, (Jennies specialize in plasma, Terrans in impact, explorers in explosive, Progen in chem, etc.).  Once you take mob deflects into consideration, a L8 debuff vs. a L9 can make a dps difference of 20 or 30% in certain situations.  Your basic ya zi/flinger plasma deflect in the mid 40's just doesn't cut it against raid bosses.

2) Mining - I look at it this way, each miner class has a different approach to mining, they can each be best depending on the situation.  If you want to mine a whole field that has a bunch of mid/high level mobs that are constantly harassing you, bring a PS and take them out.  The TS is the strip miner...if you have a large undefended field, that's your best bet because of their hull size and speed.  If you want to mine high level ores that are well guarded by high level mobs, bring a JE, fly in pick out the good stuff and be on your way before the mobs even notice you.

3) Seekers - I somewhat agree with you here, the JS is a hard class to play effectively(there's a handful of folks that play it well though), but at no time have I ever said...I really need a seeker in my raid group.  Future raids that rely more heavily on energy setups may change this.

4) JD -  it's the preferred class most people will pick for a raid group as a battery.  You got high dps (comparable to a PW), energy sap is very useful for those power hungry terrans, it's as effective at grabbing aggro as PW's shield sap and that really helps keep the aggro off the healers (just remember to cloak after you use it).

5) Devices - A jenny with a Deadly focus (+30% recharge) and a Scutums (another +25%) makes a huge difference to all the guys with L8 reactors.  Yes, they could use a Martyr's heart, but that's a device slot that they could be using for something else.  It's not a device, but the Tractor-Repulser is a unique item to jennies, it's indispensable at mechanical raids.

6) Cloak - I don't have much to add here other than that there's only a handful of mobs that actually see thru cloak, I don't see a problem here.

7) Deflects - as far as I can see it's working fine, if you have 50 in your plasma deflect and you get shot with plasma, you will take 50% of the damage that you were hit with.  For  a jenny, maxing out deflects (to 72) is the difference between getting one-shot by the raid bosses and being able to take maybe 2 shots without dying, and that's usually just enough time to cloak.  Deflects work the same way for all the classes.

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Thank you both for your prompt, informative and courteous reply's all really good information.


As i mentioned in my post, these are just my random thoughts based off what i have experienced (limited admittedly) and what i have discussed with other players. 

Its good to know from the source himself on all things Jennie(Phorlang) that some of my assumptions and assertions are wide of the mark,as i too share the fondness for the Jenquai classes. Thank you for the link. i had already devoured your guide on the Defender but was wondering if it was still accurate as it was an older article and things change. Glad to hear that its still on point. 

Thanks again as i did learn something new about net7. 


I'm encouraged to hear that the coma device will soon have a purpose and that certainly brings more to the equation. 


I have to admit that my initial thoughts when posting about this subject were mainly centered around the JS/JT and its usage and specifically its place in larger raids (and my post sort of expanded from there really).  Im still learning and will have another rethink and try and get into more raids and try and see if i can work different things to find a place for the class. Clearly it must sit somewhere between main healer and a battery.. I think i was just surprised how difficult its been to get into larger raids/hunts with that class with in my limited experience people vastly preferring to bring along another pw/te/tt.. 



Thank you both again. I have much to think on and enjoyment to be had learning and playing.





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I think Jennies probably get better in the upper levels with the right gear. But the lower levels just hurt and you have to wait it out or quit and make another race. The problem is there is so much gear in this game and most players don't know what they should be using or how to get them. To play this game you need to be in a guild with people willing to help you get through those early levels. I just switched to a JD and he just finished the level 50 hull upgrade and a guildie max level JE helped me thew it. 

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