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New DT Key Chain-Mission

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Already informed Flip and general chat regarding this, in case anyone miss out:


Maxi Bubumpa (Jagerstadt City) - Condolences

Moire Archer (Somerled Station) - will direct you to MacGregor

Fergus MacGregor (Somerled Station) - The Lucky Charm


Same mission flows as previously before the patch, just changes in NPCs as they removed Herrera & DeWinter.



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The problem I keep having is I canot find the lucky charm at nav 8ish in Roc. I have to speed by and sneak around the bullyweres and cannot ever locate it. Great place to put it for a CL 30 requirement. I quit after several thousand in debt. 

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condolences is required combat level 1, how ever to get the lucky charm you must be combat 30 as a minimum, the lucky charm must be taken from its carrier. that's the only hint  I will give out 

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