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Broke 20 Somethings

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Anyone got any advice for a broke 25 year old? It can be about womens, cars, jobs, whatever ya want. I know ya'll go that wisdom; so impart of it on thy brain so I can improve thyself and yield the power of this new found knowledge on the field of battle in the war of Life against the unknown enemies of yonder!


I tip my hat to you wise elders!

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Suppose it depends on context, but given what you've got above i"d just say be sure to invest in a ROTH IRA or something comparably similar for your retirement and put everything in it that you can from now til then. 

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My advice Bleak?


Take a step back from what you're looking at. Take a deep breath. Pick one task. Work on that until you feel it is complete. Then tackle the next thing. Stop chunking it all together because it will always looks too big and too overpowering.


Beyond that, just live the life you're given to the fullest and don't let anyone tell you that you're not living it properly .


Fly Safe



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I'm 54, been married 27 years, been employed in the Graphic arts/Printing industry for 35 years, had worked for 8-9 different companies, worked for some of them part time. I can look at something mechanically and can make repairs when ever needed, having a short learning curve makes one desirable to employers.


We/I never lived extravagantly or beyond our means. I always wanted a large boat. I had a picture of the boat I wanted stuck to the refrigerator with a magnet, 20ft 175hp fishing/play, LoL ended up getting a 15 footer with a 15 hp.
My boat ended up paying for itself 10x over, I purchased it in 89' and I still have it and make repairs on it myself.

As a matter of fact, today I just got done wrapping it up for winter.


My first car was a 73 Ford Gran Torino Sport w/351 Cleveland. The county HWY patrol clocked me at 93 and 98 MPH coming back from WI back when the drinking age in Wisconsin was 19 and in Illinois it was 21.

I loved that car right up until the moment I T-boned a Van on a side street in chicago a year later with my now wife in the passenger seat.


Your thinking why the hell am I telling you this? So that maybe you can see from above what to do and what not to do.


Find a job that you like and enjoy doing, when you do that, you become good at it and take pride in doing it.


Budget yourself, splurge once in a great while to remind yourself why your working so dam hard, go out for a great dinner and if you feel like having a drink or four try to do it within walking distance from your home.

Remember the bigger and better the things you surround yourself with, also come with a high price for its upkeep and maintenance.


For your first car get something reliable and stylish. If it nickles and dimes you with repairs, it'll drain you of the money and time you should be spending relaxing with a good woman watching the sunrise or sunset.

Stylish because you don't need to be teased by the people that call themselves "Friends".

You'll know shes a good person when she shares your same interest and expectations of the future.

If she can hold onto a good job, that's a good part of life's battle.


Set your goals but don't be discouraged by life pushing you down, And it will !

It will pass, it always does, you have to keep picking yourselves up and push on

Always, always learn from everything you do, your friends and family too. Repeat the good and not the bad.

Find a hobby, sport or outdoor activity, keep your mind and body active, that day will come when you wish you had.


Work on your retirement NOW ! As Kyp said.
Job after job I put off the SEP, IRA or ROTH,  I wish I hadn't.
Never EVER use your retirement funds for anything other than your retirement !

Now that I'm getting closer to retirement I'm no where near where I should be.

Wow this sounds more like a "Note To My Young Self"

Good luck, I wish you a great beginning and a Not So Bleakend ! :)

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Depending on your ambition and vision levels, you could also look into one of the many opportunities to start a business.

Do your homework, but don't be afraid to try. In today's economy, not just the U.S. , the world has many opportunities for an someone to grab.

But even, or especially with a business, make sure you save in the best saving vehicles you can. Keep debt low.

Find a financial advisor you trust, let them guide you.

For personal growth, read books written by leaders in the areas that interest you. Edited by Abysial

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Rental Property


When I was about 30 we owned a trailer park. One morning my father got me up, and had me sit on his porch about 6:30 in the morning outside.


We sat out there a little while, and he said "Watch son, all these people that are leaving are going out to earn us a living while we sit here on the porch."


It worked 30 years ago, and it still works today.


Have a Blessed Life!

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