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  1. I would rather go through earthquakes then tornados and hurricanes, earthquakes are just for a moment or two and other that aftershocks many which are not even felt, its pretty much over and things go back to normal quickly after a quick cleanup, and a few drinks to calm nerves (just kidding in my case), hurricanes you know its coming so you have to prepare , safe your house and property and in some cases leave to a safe area then if your lucky a few days later or weeks you can go home maybe if it is still there. in an earthquake unless you are very near the fault or epicenter your just go back to normal, where i live we are near 40 from the San Andreas fault so we fell a lot of bigger shakes anything under 4 do not even feel it has to be a 6 or above to be felt where we live. as like most Californians do live on or near faults this part of california has only the San Andreas as the major fault and the last big nearby earthquake we had here was back in 1983 Coalinga earthquake, though We did feel the Northridge 1994 and the earthquake that happened during the world series in 1989, though I didn't feel it as I was in Virginia in the Navy on a Ship. We did feel two Earthquakes the hit near Ridgecrest last year and another 6 + a couple of years ago that hit in Nevada. other than that we Bake every summer. to day its supposed to be cool only 102 degrees Fahrenheit, we have a saying around here you can tell its summer as you cant see any kids outside, its to hot to play out side even the ice cream man comes before 8 am and after 9pm, lol
  2. I just logged SnoopyJE straight in no errors no security bypasses no problems
  3. keep all of us posted on your travel itinerary just incase you pass near one of us, you could meet up with the players
  4. can you sign into the forums and the portal pages, (Net-7.org) the portal pages will show your accounts and you can change passwords there also.
  5. We had 3 earthquakes located in three different areas almost at the same time two were 4.8 and one a bit further north of the two at a 5.9 quite a few after shocks. now on standby for more aftershocks or a larger quake(hopefully none show up) with the heat in the low 100's here now, you could call us shake and bake. (Groan) bad joke
  6. thanks i see the ticket, but cant work on it until the server comes back up
  7. Write a Gm Help ticket With name of avatar needing mission removed and i can remove it from your avatar
  8. Gee thanks, I literally play 6 out of 7 days some times 7 out of 7 unless i am sick or Wife Faction work is in the way.
  9. Under Launcher button at top left click reset updates then close the launcher and restart it, then click launcher again and click the check for updates this should update the launcher.
  10. I have Ghostdude in Zweihander to do some missions I find that i can not warp, as as soon as I go to warp warp dies and I get out of energy even though i have a full reactor lvl6 unicorn reactor, and lvl 5 polar express installed.
  11. Well it looks like the hard drive (SSD) crashed during the update, or it ate the drivers for the drive. I tried my recovery flash drive and it says no drive present now come the fun part typing to find the driver online.
  12. I was updating to the new windows update last night, it appears that on of my computers has been bricked, it only boots to Bios settings and when exiting goes back to Bios I will try a usb reinstall and see if that helps later. ill post further info later
  13. Cygni express available through the terran lvl 30 hull upgrade mission, optional mission for the TS after the TS hu Mission, yes it is worth doing.
  14. once your in the enbconfig, run the test selecting each resolution until you find the one you want, then once the test is complete press ok and it should set it in the game, if you want it to run in a window so you have a browser open select the window mode box.
  15. I am trying to log in on the chat tool I get booted after one minute. I tried logging in to the game and I am stuck on the map screen. had to manually shut client down( right click on task bar icon and select terminate client) to escape to desk top.
  16. There are in fact several Chavez stations dock able ingame at this time and have been for quite some time, you must have good Chavez faction to dock with them
  17. Ores List from the Wiki: https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php?title=Ore and from the forums:
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