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  1. Thanks. Took about 4 tries, deleting and reinstalling, and it finally updated correctly.
  2. Trying to get enb on a newer computer. Trying to get this updated but nothing seems to do the trick. Any suggestions?
  3. Ok Devs, time to give Crichten his own server so he can play by himself; so he won't be inclined to feel inadequate in any way when interacting with other classes!
  4. Guildy handed me 2 Ivory Wards this evening, after farming for a good part of the afternoon/evening. I know it feels 1000 times worse when you are watching your RD faction fall, but this doesn't seem too terrible if you have said faction to burn.
  5. Fine point, Phorlaug. I'll meet Crichton with you!   Even at 0.00, beams are hitting less, or not nearly as high. Feels like WoW with hunters all over again.   I still don't think damage should be adjusted until after max range of the individul weapon is reached; If it was like that in LIVE or not. If there are buffs to range, make the diminshing damage start there.
  6. But the death star still tore $%^& up! Just nerf the range buffs.
  7. Terminal locking up game, doing Explore jobs and locking up every gate. Server gettting ready to poop?
  8. My internet pooped the bed momentarily. Got it back up and then this. GD CenturyLink DSL!
  9. Says connection to global server failed now.
  10. It is, welcome back. Server is down currently.
  11. Once you find the folder they were created in, all you do is rename them; avatar1.dat, avatar2.dat, avatar3.dat, avatar4.dat, or avatar5.dat.   I had 3 toons on one account, and another 3 toons on a second account. I made all three of the new classes. I renamed two of them avatar4.dat and avatar5.dat. They both showed up on both accounts when I logged into the game. I renamed them on one and deleted them from the second account. When I went back to the westwood folder, there was one left. I renamed her avatar4.dat and she showed up on my second account.   Hope this makes sense and helps. If not, sorry!
  12. Loved the game before sunset. Love it more being back. Appreciate all the work done to get this thing back up and running!
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