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  1. We do then as guild only events usually or special invites only. However if you hang out in the sector and something drops that isn't spoken for you are welcome to loot it.
  2. Just dropping a dime to the other guilds that we are planning a Fish Bowl Raid this day/time. Don't want to conflict with anyone so I figured I do the politically correct thing here and post our intent rather than just show up with guns-a-blazin.
  3. That would be awesome. I created a PW on my account with my JE on it and man, I miss having the ability to WH my toons around. Thanks man for looking into this, I appreciate it.
  4. With alot of our members reaching 150 and getting outfitted, we have began a hard push to start pounding away at what end game content there is. We are doing nightly fish bowl raids, uber boss kills and anything we can get our guns on. Last night, a group of static I was a part of cleared all the controller mobs and nobody died! Not a huge accomplishment in itself, but something to keep us entertained. We have builders for just about any item in the game, and work closely with other guilds to keep building costs down for everyone. I look forward to the future of the game and the future of static. Also pleased to announce the updating of our guild forums, additions have been added to prevent recent hacking and spamming from dummy accounts. Check us out and give me a tell in the game if you are interested in joining our ranks! www.staticguild.com/forum
  5. For the sake of argument, I changed the topic. Looking back, Golf was doing his job, enforcing a rule in good faith. I think the fact that the rule as written is correct, however the placement of that rule is what caused the misunderstanding. Another thing is - when something like this gets started and people chime in and immediately get off topic and post something that does nothing to resolve the problem, these posts become counter productive and turn into a pissing contest. I don't, nor have I ever posted anything here out of spite or to cause an argument. My intentions were making the community aware of a rule, discussing the rule and making something official for everyone to see. I probably could have handled it a bit different, but you live and learn. Glad it is working itself out though.
  6. Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. Sorry, but you do not have permission to use this feature. If you are not logged in, you may do so using the form below if available. I'm logged in on my account. Not sure why it's happening.
  7. For Golf: Thanks for forwarding that Golf. I had never seen that before. Based on what David said about it not being in violation of the current TOS, perhaps that was never made official. Glad it's getting added to the TOS, i'd hate to see anyone get in trouble for doing something they thought was ok. For Jarod: Thanks Jarod, the information you added to this post was crucial in resolving it. Keep up the good information!
  8. Thanks David, appreciate you taking the time to deal with this. Sure you have better things to do. I will not log on two toons from the same account again.
  9. Ok. So I didn't violate the TOS like GM Golf said I did? And by a simple request, if this issue hadn't came up with me, where would that request be found? I think people should know about it so this situation don't come up again.
  10. To give a quick background on the complete issue I had with GM Golf today, I need to give a quick synopsis about the entire situation. I play multiple accounts on 3 different computers, all being mine and registered to me. Perfectly following the Net-7 TOS. The other day, I was switching between accounts/computers and accidentally logged on the same account on two different computers. Two different characters, but the same account. Well, I was pretty shocked that it could even be done and wasn't sure if it were a bug or what. Coincidently Teinbau was in the game talking in General so I told him what had happened. He claimed that he didn't even know it was possible. I asked him if it were a bug or exploit and if it were against the rules and he replied, and I quote, "I'm not worried about it, it doesn't hurt anything." So I took it a step further and asked him if it were a problem that I use the same account, two different toons from the same account, one being my lvl 150 JE to Wormhole my noobie PW around. He said, "not at all, it's fine by me." So - I am doing exactly that today and went afk for a few min and see that both accounts are offline. I scroll up on my second account and see GM Golf (on his player toon not on his GM toon) telling me to answer his tells. I respond to his tells and basically tell him exactly about my conversation with Teinbau and he said, "If Teinbau said he didn't know about it, he lied." He also said it was against the Net-7 TOS, which I read after and didn't read anywhere about using the same account, two different toons. It's not an exploit, as I wasn't doing anything out of the game mechanics, simply wormholing my PW around. So, I continued to talk to golf about it and he said, "I really don't feel like discussing it further, if you do it again you won't get any GM support." So, these are the guys that are Net-7 customer service representatives? The problems I have with the entire situation are this. 1. I thought I could take what Teinbau said for face value and did what he said I could do. 2. When confronted about it, I didn't deny it and when I tried to explain myself, GM Golf, (On his player toon mind you) said what he said, and treated me like a kid. 3. What harm does it cause to do what I was doing? Is it an exploit? It actually is very convenient for alot of players that only have one account/computer to be able to trade stuff around. So - Again we have to ask ourselves, how is the communication at Net-7 HQ? Who's being honest, who's not? I've tried to be very optimistic about the game and server, however situations like this make me consider the time and money I invest into this game/community.
  11. Trapt

    Buff Timers

    Well if blinking buffs to indicate they are wearing off is all I get then how about a 2 minute warning?
  12. Trapt

    Buff Timers

    Sure would be nice to see when your buffs were about to wear off.
  13. /signed Graphics bugs, Weapons Locking bugs are two of the most repetitive and annoying bugs currently in the game.
  14. I used the following. Different people will tell you different things but here is what I used. Level 1-4 Bayonet's Level 5-6 Rifles Level 6-8 Mortars/Rifle Combos for buffs Level 8 - Claw of the Dragon, Silver Hammer, Zet Projectile Launchers, (there are other rares but I can't recall name) Level 9 - Tengu Bile Launchers, Spitter, Fury of Tengu, Tengu Reaver, (some other rares but I can't recall name) www.enbdatabase.com has lot's of good info.
  15. Release of Movie "Rocky XIV" > Release of "ST27" > Live > Story Line Addition. No timeline given.
  16. I have max enrage and hacking, 99% of the time they are resisted. Waste of points on both. Not sure if biopresson is any different, I'm guessing no. I think the resist checks on all of those skils, especially at max level should be lowered.
  17. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814143167&nm_mc=OTC-Channel&cm_mmc=OTC-channel-_-Video+Cards-_-BFG+Technologies-_-14143167&srccode=cii_7240466&cpncode=21-4251223&DEPA=0&refer=channel&CMP=OTC- This is my first choice, but I just read that Nvidia is releasing a new series of video cards on March 26th, which will probably drive the price of these cards down abit. Also, from a Dev/Techie stand point, has any issues been reported from anyone using the high end video cards as I know the EnB engine and technology is old. Just wanted to make sure I am not buying something that will prevent me from playing the game. Currently using a Geforce GX2 8700 so it's time to upgrade!
  18. Excellent, thanks for your responce.
  19. Would be nice to see deminishing returns on the skills mobs use on us. If you're in a pack of mobs that spam skills, you pretty much have to fight your way out. For example ten-gu and grav link. Also. How about some negative buff icons like in live? I remeber there being red icons at bottom of the UI buff box Every mmo I've played has deminishng returns or immunity after so many uses on skills. Would me nice!
  20. I've read a couple posts and it seems you enjoy doing things to "get reactions" out of people. Lable us how you feel, but It's not right for someone that has created so many versions of drama, problems, issues, exploits and just down right rotten play to even be allowed to remain in the game, let alone continue to do things in public forum. It's sad really, I've had really high hopes and have "donated" my hard earned money to this project, hoping of it's success. Though - if players and community members like yourself, that openly admit to "wanting to get a reaction" out of people are allowed to continue play the game, then the path is already chosen for us, it's just a matter of time before we get there.
  21. People need to realize that in a pre-beta stage of a game, anything is possible. I'm sure not everything is working as intended. Not everyone exploits Vonbon and maybe if that standard wasn't set in the past stuff like this wouldn't have to be brought up in public forum. With your connections to Devs/GM's, I would think you would know if there was a bug/exploit out there that would make this possible. Or better yet, have a GM look at his toon and see if there is anything on his toon that he should have? I dunno, but I think it's ironic and funny. Wonder if a car theif has ever gotten his car stolen?
  22. Trapt

    Who's got the button?!?

  23. I used to always look for mining groups as a defender and would fly protection while they mined. I know with the limited amount of players we have on the server, there isn't as many people to choose from but I'd be willing to mine and fly protection at same time. Let's bring back mining groups imo!!!
  24. https://enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/1491-mirc-chat/
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