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  1. I was not online at that time, but I did do as you did. it did not effect the issue. same problems
  2. My main "Raist" seems to be bugged. random mission status popup for completed missions, or mission steps random warping that I cannot drop out of locking up chat working intermittently accounts seems to work for 5 min or less then fails I logged in on a secondary toon and was told there was a server mishap....dont know anything about that
  3. the download link does not seem to be working on page 1. am i looking in the wrong place?
  4. Anyone around from pegasus server guild called "The League"?
  5. EA?........... This game is not maintained by EA anymore.
  6. private chats should be just that, private. I must take issue with people being banned for what is said in private if that is the case.
  7. Anyone ever see a player on named Amaranthus. Just an old friend from back in live i would like to run into
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