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  1. Hai guys, Just wondering what are the main ports used by the Net7Proxy and the E&B Client so that I can unblock certain ports on the Firewall ;¬)
  2. I'll take your opinion into account. Swapping Carpenter and Glenn over is no biggy, I'll also look into crossing less line also Edit 1 ------ I've applied your recommendation about Carpenter and Glenn to not be crossed over I've updated the map on the Original Post. The map prior to it is also available, I will post links within the original post I am also toying with the idea of reducing the font size, as this is meant to be able to fit on an A4 sized sheet of paper
  3. Hello Enb Just to let all you guys know, I've taken it upon my self to create a more up-to-date map of the Printable reference map from Live to which you can find here http://www.earthandbeyond.ca/game_info/maps.html I'm currently looking at http://www.earthandbeyond.ca/content/game_info/maps/map.full_print.jpg as a reference myself to building this new map. Here is a taster of what I have so far - I'm currently building this in Microsoft Visio 2010, I've uploaded the save file to http://enb.3oh.co.cc/, It's the VSD file Feed back will be much appreciated and I will try to implement it Linkage ------ Map at the time of original post Link to map shown above Link to Visio file of current map
  4. The launcher is now indicating online, and active users. Edit 1 -------- Confirmed Server is back up and running
  5. Santa decided we were all naughty for egging on the shootings that have taken place... Therefore he got his Secret Elf Service to infiltrate the server and disconnect all the players. Furthermore, Santa realised that by sanctioning this action, he himself is naughty. This confused Santa and caused the server to crash, taking not only the Secret Elf Service down but him along with it. In light of this, I propose we all have a Santa Raid once the server is back to it's functional state.
  6. On the same note as running 2 clients at the same time, is it possible to use 2 toons on the same account at the same time?
  7. You'll find that he'd be in pieces... torn apart by a chavez xD
  8. 2008 R2 borked my network... I gave it the simple task of being a DHCP Server... and It failed
  9. Strange, I just got that error too. I don't see why because I have Visual Studio 2010 installed which includes both .Net Framework 4 and the C++ Redis. However, downloading and installing the C++ Redis cured the problem.
  10. Lol ^_^ I'm just fluent with V'rix

  11. This interests me a lot, what is it that you use. I play EnB in windowed mode, but I am a bit sick of the need to tab out heh. It'd help me out a lot
  12. You must be a Haddaway fan eh? It is in your vrix

  13. Heh, your not wrong there... I went onto a 15" 4:3 monitor at 1024x768 for a couple of hours, first thing I thought was... wow!? My toon is really thin!
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