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  1. Well, heck, didn't know this was Magoo's guild or would have apped sooner.   So lets see, em, resume...don't have one.   Why am I looking to join?  I kill stuff, I get lootables, and people need that stuff to get patterns to make stuff for the next generation of people.  Pretty straight forward except that it is darned difficult to find people in trade that need it so figured id hang out here if I'm allowed and all that.   Well, back to blowing stuff up.
  2. Tocshal


    Gods....where to start on the vrix.   I remember a group of progen holding primus until the servers restarted.  We had them held until then, sad times.   I remember decoding the fragments and discovering the locations which eventually lead you to aquitaine (had to get a device for it to work).   I remember killing countless buggs keeping them off of the Jenquai as us Progen had lost our home worlds (for all intents).    I also remember raids against the Eye of God and downing its shields only to find the hull, even after debuffs, was invulnerable.    The best of times and the worst of times.  I will enjoy them not being around for however long it lasts.  
  3. Character Name: Anagarik Assignment: Memnon's Investigation Zone: Odin's Belt Issue: The first step of the mission requires I use a Scrutinizer on the Odin Rex gate in Odin's Belt. I have done that succefully several times and the mission will not progress. So far I have attempted the following: Re-zoned (entered different system and returned) Dis-equipped and re-equipped the device Shut down and restarted the game. Shut down and restarted my computer. I will be hunting in the system for some time, no rush. Thank you.
  4. Hmm, I played the original up until sunset. I no longer how many hours I spent decifering those Vrix encoding messages. Good times.
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