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  1. Figured it out there is a setting in Configuration called Windowed mode that was checked. With it unchecked got full screen. Problem solved.
  2. [quote name='Ozone' timestamp='1325206384' post='50569'] something you will find with most older games and Vista/7 is you have to run the exe's as administrator. for this specific issue follow these instructions: 1. Browse to the exe 64 bit C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\EBCONFIG\E&BConfig.exe 32 bit C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\EBCONFIG\E&BConfig.exe 2. right click the file and go to properties 3. Click "Compatability" tab 4. Choose "Run as Administrator" 5. Click OK **note** sometimes you may also need to set "Run this program in compatability mode" and set to XP SP2 or SP3 I suggest doing this for EVERY exe in the E&B folder to avoide future issues. Now when you run the program it will save the settings and should use the resolution you chose. [/quote] Thanks for the response but it is run as administrator already. Not only does the Net-7 program check for the right version of NET but it also makes sure if your using a version of windows above XP has the admin setting set as well. I have further more already double checked that setting it is already in admin run and how I am able to play the game. The issue is the size of the resolution which when run at certain settings goes to full screen but once it is saved and goes into the game it seems to default back to this quarter screen size. Any other ideas?
  3. Hi, I just upgraded to Win 7 pro and the good news is that I was able to upload the game and client and everything is working with one small exception. When the game starts up it takes up a box the size of roughly 1/4th my monitor size. I can play the game inside this box but I would hope that I could get it to be full screen. I have run the game configure at the max resolution it makes it full screen but after setting it all to that it goes back to the 1/4th size. As I am new to Win 7 I was hoping that someone who has already figured this out might be able to give me some direction to get it full sized on my screen. Thanks in advance.
  4. The mission reads that a ship was attacked by the free spacers and that a damaged data cube needs to be recovered.Killing the Free spacer captain will automatically load the data cube into your hold, etc. On the old sites I found there used to be indeed a lvl 37 free spacer captain in that sector but I have yet to find him. I have found the spots you have mentioned and someone thought you had to maybe kill an aribator (title) to spawn him but that proved so far not to work. Thanks for your input.
  5. Picked up a mission from Tarnish that involves killing a Free Spacer Captain. I have flown all over killed a bunch of different named free spacers in the hopes it spawns a captain but so far no joy. So my questions are 1. Is this an actual viable mission friends say it is and they have done it but want to be sure. 2. What do you have to do to get one to spawn if that is the case or where can they be located around traders fort would be appreciated. Thanks.
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