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  1. drew67

    login error INV-300 [can't get in]

    Just did a fresh install on wifey's computer and getting that inv-300 error...do not know what is going on. Also just did a fresh install on my computer and still the same error, even with all the suggestions
  2. The RD base with chem just totally lags out...I get multiple disconnects...very slow response to commands
  3. drew67

    Terran Tradsman

    make sure you have all the boxes checked on the net7 launcher screen.  usually helps.  also check the tech support part of the forum
  4. drew67

    All the asteroids are gone!

    cool..glad to hear it is being addressed
  5. drew67


    nice find speaking fo devices..any good spots to mine for ancient devices?
  6. drew67

    Strategies for Pop-roids

    I always use deflects, they seem to work