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  1. I turned off the packet optimization and the problem is now resolved.  
  2. I cannot say if this is related or not. But I started to say something about this in the general channel ingame then I could no longer type anything. so I took a moment to try and undock and the loading screen came up with no red circle but there was a loading icon on the bottom right at which point it just locked up with no change.
  3. I might be in the wrong area and I appologize. I did a search for this information and I couldnt find anything so if its been known I am sorry. But I just created a Terrantradesman and tried to talk to the first npc right off the ship and it locks up. Sometimes after a few it will finally give me options but most of the time it will lock up right off the bat or right after I pick one of his first few options. When this happens I usually have to restart the client.
  4. I understand your idea and have used it. But how inconvenient for the parties. If I have someone every time I need something moved? Like lets say missiles, launchers, Laser, devices and credits?! I am sorry but its a bit unreasonable to consider that the only alternative.
  5. [quote name='Drakefyre' timestamp='1265123699' post='6785'] Perhaps the mail system is a bit too much to ask, like ppl loosing their items during transfer via mail and asking GM, wich is a loss. I'm sorry if it has been suggested before, I joined after the forum wipe and did not see this suggestion. [/quote] Previous mentions or not I like the idea and have had several moment where I myself wanted to suggest it. My reasoning is simple. The only computer I have access to is rather lacking in everything. I have a very hard time managing to dual box. And when I manage it the computer acts like I am reaching into it and pulling wires out. So having some easier way to get items from avatar to avatar would be delightful.
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