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  1. But many hands can cause more people getting stuff they should not have. or things spawn when they should not. if something is done at least they have a couple of people who could have done it not a few...
  2. Thank you for the info Kyp I think this will make a lot of people happy to hear that its going to change. I think, when we see that its a 2min timer it freaked a lot of people, cause we all thought it was going to stay there..
  3. [quote name='lordfalcon' timestamp='1316652980' post='46466'] This has turned into a Jenquai Friendly game. Earlier today to much dismay. There was 2 TE, 1 PW, 1 JE, in a group all maxed and with top end gear. Low and behold the JE was getting almost all of the kill message. WOW 3 beams and no crit targeting. [/quote] there is some good JE beams out there..
  4. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1316278446' post='46213'] When shield leech garners the possibility of making the JE/JD invincible through spam, we'll consider it. Progen have this to blame on people that figured out how to do so with sap. We'll take a look at leech though and see how [i]effective[/i] it is. **EDIT** And yeah, what Rolo said \/ [/quote] Well JD does not have Shield Leech. and yes the JE become very strong with their Leech. So as soon as a class becomes to powerful we nurf it? Does anyone have the real timer from live. I don't remember it being 2min long. When does my JD become nurfed because I can shoot a couple of beams faster than some PW can shoot their PL.
  5. [quote name='Mattsacre' timestamp='1315643203' post='45960'] YAY TS lovin'! And if understood right, less progen screwed over...SWEET! *does a happy dance* [/quote] A 2 Min Cool down on shield sap is not a screw over..
  6. Yes i think it is because people are reporting bugs at least i do when i get one. I helps that devs find out when things dont work or do work. and i hope more people do this more
  7. what???? i am sorry but i can not understand this.. can some one translate this for me
  8. Was my first beta test loved the friendships and co-op that came with that just a fun game that i did not mind paying for
  9. If af-vet just closes the topic a new one starts about him.. if he says anything to defend his actions he gets flamed. We dont know if AF vet has read the logs and seen what happened. and we dont know what he knows what we do not... But if he made a statement about a player then he must have is reasons or evidence to back what he says... Just think maybe we Should step back take a break... before things happen we dont want happen
  10. has not set their status

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